Thursday, October 8, 2009

i'm just a walking the dog

when you have a dog your time is no longer your own, at least if you live in a city. here, the alarm is set for 6:25 am, one of us gets up and makes espresso, that one is not the dog. i turn mine into an iced latte, we (the humans) both throw on a motley assortment of clothes. i grab my coffee, she grabs the dog. we're off! the lab sniffs, and points (sometimes nele points too), runs to keep up with groups of jogging soldiers ( we live by a marine base) ,and stops short to hunt for MICE or maybe tears off after a RABBIT, sometimes there are SQ'S (squirrels to the uninitiated). we say good morning to people hurrying off to work, watch the sun come up and occasionally i snap a pic. this happens again as soon as i get home from work and again after dinner. no wonder i ordered thai food tonight. here are a few pictures of what we see when we are walking. now i've got to run; time to walk the dog.
p.s. the cat, who sleeps in the laundry basket in the closet, asks me to tell you she finds all this fuss about the dog really annoying


  1. i know, air force memorial, depecting the "bomb burst maneuver"... it's beautiful in all weather and at all times of day