Friday, October 9, 2009

friends: coming and going

missing friends and neighbors in the 'hood tonight. one left for china today. i got home in time to say goodbye to another off to kabul. we have a friend in south carolina prepping for a year of defense contracting in iraq and another in costa rica on vaca. BUT, and this is a big one, the boys from new york are on their way! for this sunday is the equality march in dc, and people are pouring in from all over the country. our friend , larry, of Fischbach Gallery in ny, last seen lounging poolside at his fabulous house in fire island , along with that ubiquitous lab, will be here wining and dining us at restaurant nora, dc's only recognized organic restaurant. then on sunday, we'll march with him, his boys and local friends. hopefully, i'll get a few good pics both of the food and the march. hopefully, we'll make a difference.

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