Sunday, September 20, 2009

well, it's my birthday too, yeah!

usually on my birthday, i have a party, either brunch or dinner. i shop and cook and clean up the garden.i barely leave myself time to take a shower and get changed. but i love my friends and i love to wine and beer and dine them. this year was different. my partner, nele and her equally beautiful sister ,tini, threw me a party at tini's fabulous apartment. while the "small but charming" house is slightly shabby chic, tini's home is all space and limestone counters and big fur poufs. there were marines and freshly lipsticked lesbians, old friends with their new friends and life of the party gay boys, and of course, two dogs. what's a party without lab drool? kisses and hugs to the hostesses and to all who got dressed up (even if they bitched about it) and came to celebrate. and kisses and hugs to you who couldn't be there in body but were with us in spirit.and thanks for the time allotted to me to dress up!


  1. Yay,you look Beautiful in that pic, and better still the one with Nika (Sp?)...can't wait to hear details. Was running all a.m./p.m. to do errands and get ready for big effing dinnah. Hoo boy. Takes a long time to eat that much and lose all your money. Sorry I missed your party, and hope to see ya a little giftie to drop off. G

  2. maybe you should write a review of VOLT for me, the restaurant from which you had to BOLT