Friday, September 4, 2009

the walk of shame

shame on me. i know it's the end of august/early september, but the garden still needs to be watered AND weeded. and yet ... i've let it go.
from monday till tonight, friday. on the back berm, drooping hydrangeas, ferns in hiding, a large swath of fall blooming anenomes so wilted i can see the soaker hose i haven't used. But wait! there's the liarope though, you can't beat that: standing upright, beautiful purple blossoms, now that's a garden workhorse. also, the chokecherry tree, which is laden with berries tinted red, it's just beautiful. moving on ... what's eating the sedum?
as god is my witness i'll weed sunday. bumper crop of bindweed, clover everywhere and those damn fall blooming allium(which my partner enjoys to my horror), started blooming in july and have spread everywhere the clover isn't. i'll take a picture of the weed pile and post it ... tomorrow. here's a few pics of the garden in better days.

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