Tuesday, September 29, 2009

how does my our garden grow? part I

as i look through garden pictures taken from 2002 to 2009, i am amazed and grateful at how the garden has grown. i'm also mourning a few plants that disappeared for no good reason. but,oh those exciting garden moments when plants spring up in unexpected places, brought by birds, the winds or as tagalongs on gift plants from other's gardens. the fig tree, planted with great hope and a prayer in may, 2005 has grown to shade the back bedroom. the 8 ft. leyland cypress planted on the back berm in 2002, have, indeed, grown to form a living fence. a gift of a maple tree, from our garden mentors, geoff and chuck, came with a ruff of white perennial geraniums at it's base. it has grown into a beautiful shade tree, sheltering peonies, monkshood, bergenia, and a host of other perennials that want out( of the shade). me, i wish it was always sunny and september.

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