Tuesday, September 29, 2009

how does my garden grow? part 1

with gifts from friends and birds and the wind.with lots of sweat and hand watering,and the occasional attack of poison ivy. oh, and this summer's curse: gardeners elbow, tendonitis. i'm a bit of a fevered weeder. i'm looking at pictures of the back of the house. here's the fig tree, planted with much trepidation in may, 2,005. it's now about 15 feet and shades the back bedroom. here are the leyland cypress, 8ft. in 2002 ,now forming a living wall between us and the back alley. here's the maple,in it's younger days, grown by our friend, chuck, that came with a ruff of white perennial geraniums at it's base. it's grown and grown and now shades a grateful group of peonies, baptisia, monkshood and berginia. garden tour to be continued.

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