Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pocketfull Of Miracles

Isn't it funny when what could seem like a BIG deal, for example, a really BIG birthday (sshhhh Shelley), turns out to be the best thing ever.

It's got to be a change in attitude.

I remember my birthday last year, 6 months out from my breakup feeling shattered and slightly shamed. Why, because I wasn't in a relationship for my birthday?

Did I think I was less of a person for being single? Less deserving of cake?

If so, this past year has proven that theory to be completely false.

I have learned so much. Not to let fear guide my decisions. Not to be afraid to ask for help. To listen to what I need and want and when it's possible to give it to myself. Not to be afraid to say yes. Not to be afraid to say no.

To let new people into my life and as a result have my life color enhanced by their presence.

I survived a breakup, shoulder surgery, flying, riding metros at rush hours, traveling alone to meet people I only knew thru the internet. I did this with the help of loving friends, a sense of humor, a daily dose of gratitude and the support of you.

I am finally becoming the person I want to be.

For this I am extremely grateful.

I'm not even halfway there, but I'm learning to love the journey. Empowerment is a glorious thing.

Does anybody remember that Dixie Chicks song, "The Long Way Around"?

Story of my life. maybe yours too....

 Now I'm gonna crank up that song, run a hot bath, slip in a dollop of Laura Mercier amber vanilla honey bath gel, sent to me by the ever missed Elle, (merci cheri), and chant thank you to the universe.

Then a good nights sleep.

Now that's happy birthday making.

xo J


  1. I think you're closer to "there" than you think. It sure sounds so and I couldn't be happier for you. Older and wiser .... why does it take us so gosh darn long to get it ?! xo

  2. Go, Jane! You are everything you just wrote. Happy,happy birthday.

  3. Happy happy birthday! Sounds like an adventurous year-the best kind.

  4. Happy Birthday Jane. You deserve lots of cake :-)

  5. "My life colour enhanced", I love that.

    Happy birthday to YOU!!!!!

  6. Happy birthday! You've done a lot - that whole shoulder thing was a BIG one. I'm sure the kitties helped and I love to crank up the Dixie Chicks and "sing" along with them too!

  7. Happy birthday lovely lady! Confronting fears, putting them down at last, it sort of opens the heart to new beginnings doesn't it? You are so inspiring! x

  8. Encore joyeux anniversaire Jane!!
    You are already one hell of a woman so I cannot imagine how amazing you will be when you'll get all the way "there".

    1. D'accord, Sophie! et Bonjour.
      Nice to see you here; we feel as if we know you.
      Diane in Denver
      (Colorado, USA)

  9. 'younger than springtime' dear Jane. xoxo Shelley

  10. A very happy birthday to you, dear Jane! It's been an honor to follow your blog and your journey and to see you coming into your own. May the upcoming year bring you more peace, contentment, and even more to be grateful for! xo

  11. Oh sweetness, you are a constant source of inspiration and happiness to me.

  12. What a lovely post. Sniff...... Happy birthday, dear Jane. Carry on as you are; it's such fun going on your journey with you. x

  13. Happy birthday, Lady! And many happy returns!

  14. Happy Birthday dear Jane! I am very happy to hear you feeling this way, it is wonderful. However, I'm a little curious about the person you aspire to be because in my (our) view the one you are now is pretty darn special.

  15. A belated Happy Birthday!! you're just finally seeing for yourself the wonderful woman we already knew. Many happy returns!

  16. Happy happy birthday to you sweet friend! Here's wishing you a year of fabulousness

  17. And πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸŒΏπŸŒΏπŸƒπŸƒπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚

  18. Dear Jane, this is how life is, an up and down affair. You're living it well, facing challenges and not wimping out. No wonder that we are all rooting for you and hoping that great happiness lies ahead. Belated birthday greetings, hope the soak in your vanilla honey bath was luxurious!

  19. If I drink more ice lattes will I have as much energy as you do? My head is spinning!