Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Funday?

I did so hope we could do FITH tomorrow.

But then I remembered it's Labor Day weekend and many people are places other than their house and garden.

I'm off as usual Sunday and Monday but not only do I have a house full of disobedient cats, I'm dog sitting the lovely Lab this weekend.

Lucy loves her, Gus always has to show her who's boss and the little roommate was afraid of her but after some private time together on Saturday he too is a fan. Even though she are a box of his date bars.

Just let that though sink in for a moment, date bars eaten by a dog. Rice has been added to meals, walks are frequent and highly profitable.

She has a cast iron stomach. And I now realize telling someone whose first language isn't English to put all edibles up on the top shelf in his room isn't enough of an explanation. "What is edibles" should have been my first clue.

But we survived.

Now hoping to survive this weekend. After a suspiciously beautiful summer, the Virginia heat and humidity has arrived.  It was all I could do to water the plants at 7:00am, eye the weeds and apologize to the few plants drying up in their pots I had promised a forever home this weekend.

Ain't gonna happen.

I even have all the air conditioners turned on and I'm of the belief that if you keep windows open, clothing to a minimum and stay hydrated, you can live without ac till bed time.

Not today folks. I have my Sunday Times, cold sparkling water, myers lemons, turkey bacon and ripe ripe tomatoes.

I foresee an afternoon of BLT's, reading, napping, and very short dog walks.

Not a day fit for humans or animals to be outside.

Except for Gus, who's been MIA for the last two hours.

He's either burrowed under the box woods or lurking in the creepy basement. Either way he's dirty and happy with a piece of duct tape stuck to his  abdomen.

Oh don't even ask. It's Gus.

Wish I was Here.


  1. Hope you will be able to keep cool Jane! Happy new week!

    Madelief x

    1. Hope you'll be able to keep dry! Raining here now, cool air and windows open.

      All is well, at least until tomorrow:-)

  2. So sorry, Jane. We have been in the throws of summer for weeks. A few plucky zinnias, some periwinkle, and the stalwart crepe myrtles are the only bits of color here in the hot, humid Deep South. Temperatures over a 100 degrees (f) aren't ideal for people or plants! Find a cool spot for yourself and your furry friends...enjoy your Labor-free Day!

    1. Thank you , you too.

      But I bet you could rustle up a little bouquet if called upon, no?

  3. Sorry you're having brutal summer! I won't say anything about California's weather, as it is a drought after all. I'm drinking red wine and eating chocolate cake. There, your comparative virtue ought to make you feel much cooler!

    1. Your diet and the sunned rain storm has worked magic. I've thrown open the windows and am now longing for some chocolate cake.

      Guess it's gone by now...

    2. If you want some chocolate cake, google "Wacky Cake" - it's a very easy one layer cake you make with cocoa powder, vinegar and no eggs! It's my backup dessert to make in a hurry.

      The storms are still coming through in Fairfax. How can you stand the humidity? I've got the a/c on. We leave for Alaska on Wednesday. Yay! Cool weather! Of course all the tomatoes are going full blast now so we had to process and freeze a bunch. In the middle of winter, I will be a very happy person. I still have to harvest my herbs to dry.

      Dates...well that will get things moving for sure! It's amazing where the cats will hide. Lucy didn't like the thunder so she went under the bed. Gus is outside in the rain?

  4. Who is that pink cutie? My Lab Daisy ate a whole 1 lb bag of sugar then drank a ton of water, then threw it all up on the living room floor. Sugar water. Great.

  5. She is a cutie isn't she? A new echinacea called Southern Belle. Got quite a twinkle in her eye.

    Oh god, sugar water. All I have to clean up are date smears.

    Animals are fun. Kind of like science.

  6. Oh that pink flower is wonderful===pretty and spunky. What is it with retrievers? I had a golden that ate an entire plate of lemon bars and another that ate a whole birthday cake. Stay cool.

  7. OMG!! welcome back to summer in Va. How easy it was to forget how awful it can be. Think I forgot how to cope. Glad you turned on the AC, lest you need resuscitation later. Hope it's a 'normal' year when Sept. Brings a five degree drop in temps and 10% drop in humidity . Go with Lucy and hang in there!!