Friday, July 18, 2014

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N In The Summer Sun

I went to the Cape. We ate and we ate.

Fried clams and green beans,

Lobster rolls and ice cream.

 We ate at a farm, saw some goats in a barn,

walked through fields of flowers and  hay.

We went to the beach, we went to the gym,

in a futile effort to try and stay slim.

 We read and we napped,

watched movies, walked laps.

With 3 little dogs on leads.

The skies were so blue, low humidity too.

A treat for a girl from the city.

I flew back all tan, my I Pad in hand.

Determined to bring back the feeling,

of time to be wasted and meals to be savored.

And friends to be held in your heart.

Then my phone up and died, I left my camera behind,

And I had a mysterious rash.

Poison Ivy it seems, has invaded the dreams,

of living beach life back at home.

Now I'm back and I'm itchy, so occasionally bitchy,

the saying, it runs through my head:

"Where ever you go, you take yourself with you".

And I guess you bring it back too.


  1. I'm glad you had fun . . .even though it's all done
    We missed you so . . . in your vacation glow!

    Welcome Back! xo

    1. xo Perhaps we can collaborate on a book of nonsense?

  2. Hehe. Glad you had a good vacation and your sense of humor has survived the poison ivy:).

  3. Are you writing a new Dr. Seuss book?

    1. My inspiration! It started writing itself in my head, in bed (see, can't stop) and I just had to embarrass myself and use it.

  4. Hahahahahahahaha....... and some sympathy too, although I have no real idea of what poison ivy feels like, and am just guessing nettles and prickly heat plus?

    1. Yes I think so, but it keeps spreading to other parts of your body if you don't know what it is and use the necessary products. So what starts on your toes can creep up to your nose, but luckily mine is ONLY on my legs, arms and torso!

  5. Well, that was fun. Didn't know you were a poet. The green beans and clams look marvelous. So sorry about the poison ivy but it'll be gone soon. Just don't scratch yourself anywhere else without washing your hands!

    1. Not a poet by a long shot, but I was trying to distract myself from the itching last night and nonsense soon followed.

      washing my hands like Lady Macbeth.

  6. Replies
    1. The taste and the calories still linger. Happily.

  7. Ha - LOVE the poem! Sounds like a blast...except for the itchy part! xo

    1. Thank you:-) I can bear anything for a few days, my constant mantra, now applicable to poison ivy torture.

    2. Try ice in a ziplock or hot water bottle wrapped in a towel. The cold will help a I also sit here and itch!

  8. You're a rhymin' machine, Jane. P-town?

    1. Can't stop me! No P-town dammit. But Fire Island next week!

  9. Dear Dr. Jane,
    It's missed you, we did
    I crawled up & hid
    Where's that Jane,
    where is she, we asked
    She flew far away
    to Cape-land to play,
    never once posting to us!
    The clams look delicious
    but for me, quite suspicious
    so ...
    just be glad you didn't get
    food poisoning, as I did,
    causing no rhymes
    just too much bathroom time!

    So Glad You're Back...
    and that you had so much fun
    in the Massachu-sun.

    Big Hugs from
    hot hot HOt

    1. Loved the rhyme, hated the food poisoning idea. Guess clams would be off your bucket list, so to speak, after that!

  10. You're a poet and didn't even know it, you like to make it rhyme every time. Welcome back. Try Burt's Bees poison ivy soap, it was the only relief Frank found when he had a bout of poison ivy a couple of years ago, nothing else helped. Hope it goes away soon.

    1. Did you read the article about Bert in what, the NYT? It seems to be getting better everywhere except my right arm, please god, let it go away, I'm off to the beach on Thursday. Did I just rhyme?

  11. Did I read that right ... you FLEW home. Such great progress! Proud of you and happy that you got a good trip - except for the poison ivy thing.