Saturday, June 28, 2014

Oh What A Night

Picture me, if you will, in gym clothes, flipflops, a gardening glove on my right hand, carrying a broom, dustpan and two plastic bags.

I was headed outside to dispose of a gift from Lucy who just won't quit this week.

I heard voices from across the street and lured two neighbor, Rob and Carlos, over to help with the burial.

Amid merciless teasing, ( I did look a little eccentric ), they disposed. I proposed they stay a while. Soon we were joined by Elle and Vicky, the deceptively glamorous looking neighbor who can yield a sledge hammer as effortlessly as an eyeliner.

Above our laughter we heard screams from the backyard. This time Lucifer had a bunny. Lots of scrambling and shouting, bunny released, Lucy grounded.

20 minutes later I let her out. She made a beeline for a Queen Anne's lace where bunny was resting.

More shrieking, chasing, Rob leaping over pots and liriope effortlessly only to land on the borders edge,  the deeply edged border. He was up, he was down.  He was up again chasing the bunny down the street to safety. Lucy got another time out. Rob got a sprained ankle.

Thank God I specialize in ice bags. Drinking and story telling resumed. Lucy came out. Peace and laughter continued until I realized it was 11:00pm and I had to go to bed. Saturday is my Friday.

But first I had to round up the felines. Gus always falls for the laser toy and was triumphantly carried into the house.

Lucy was in the sky with diamonds, up on the roof. I raced inside to get my IPad and attempt to get a picture (of course), Rob, balanced on the thin stair railing and tried to lure her down with crunchies.

She took the treats then rolled around on the roof, flirting shamelessly.

We went to the back of the house, back to the front of the house,  to the back, to the front. Elle got a step stool, Vicky an 8"ft ladder and Carlos a spray bottle because he thought if he squirted her she'd come down. WHAT? Gus of course got out.

Finally Rob got up on the roof, handed her off to Elle who was now on the ladder, who handed her off to me. Elle chased Gus and brought him back inside.

It was midnight. Just another night on Ode Street. I fed the cats, bid everyone goodnight, washed my face and took a double dose of calcium.

This morning  the ice pack was lying on the table and a small feather drifted about the patio.

Those and the bags under my eyes were the only evidence of the night before.

Though I was asked to send thank you flowers.

From the bunny:

For the burial.
And for the roof rescue.
"As if."


  1. La! I feel quite exhausted now...

  2. Lucy on the roof with feathers. I think Steve could use Lucifer and Addie for a week of squirrel and pest management. Bet there's not a rodent within a mile of your house.

    1. I have an ant attack in the kitchen.....they seem afraid of them?!

  3. Oh what an adventure! So grateful the bunny survived. I do hope you get to rest tomorrow. The flowers are beautiful as always. B

    1. If I were the bunnies I would move out of my yard. It's risky business here.

  4. This was fun reading. I think I need a Lucy to catch the bunnies in our gArden.

  5. Love the Lucifer Freudian slip there, very apropos. We had loads of bunnies hopping about, my neighbor has three outdoor Lucifers, no more bunnies.

  6. Priceless. Familiar. I'm sending you a photo of Millie, which you will read with 100% accuracy.....

    1. Thanks, I feel better now and not such a bad nature tender.

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  8. What an adventure Jane :-)! Lovely flowers!!

    Madelief x

  9. It is madcap around SBC these days. I used to think you should write a book, now I'm thinking a sitcom. (I don't miss those bunny sounds.)

  10. I love the idea of squirting her to coax her down. It made me laugh if it did nothing else.