Monday, June 16, 2014

Flowers In The House Of Soccer: June 2014

The last two World Cups I watched with GG.

She loved her soccer but she wasn't crazy mad in love with soccer like Elle.

Thank God I got up early( like I have a choice with the cats wrestling on me at 5:30am), and got some flowers picked.

The rest of the day went by in a blur.

My neighbor's father had made a fast trip down from New Jersey to fix her electricity.

He made an early morning trip across the street to my house to replace some shingles on my roof.

Another neighbor brought over a dolly and hauled a tree stump that's been sitting in my driveway for 3 or 4 years waiting for a home, to a newly emptied spot in the back garden. It has been driving him mad for that long.

I lost a callicarpa last winter and I do not miss it, not one bit. It was too big for its space and was a constant source of visual annoyance to me.

Bye bye beauty bush, hello tree stump. My neighbor said it must be Jane Appreciation Day. Jane sure appreciated all the help.

We walked to the farmers market, I got my usual iced latte and a NYT ,then home to lunch, friends dropping by and some fast flower arranging.  Meanwhile soccer played on.

My favorite blue vase got an armload of oakleaf and lacecap hydrangea, a sweet shrub, fennel, lambs ears and Japanese clematis.  I got an earful of French expletives.

Earlier in the morning I had stuck some lavender, Queen Anne's lace, yarrow, lace cap hydranges, nigella, octopus plant  and petunias in a  jar of water to keep them fresh.

When I looked at it later it looked good to go to me. So I put the jar in a flower pot and watched a little more soccer.

Right at the start of the third game I decided I needed some flowers in the kitchen.

A fast run around the garden gave me a citrus splash. Marigolds, zinnas, dill, lemon thyme, sage, parsley and a squash blossom.

I was only outside for 5 minutes. Who knew I'd miss the first goal?

I hope you all found a minute to gather your rosebuds while you might.

And if you did, link us up and we'll be by to take a look.

And for those of you who don't have a blog or are "lazy bloggers", and I quote, let's hook up on Instagram?

Why not expand our horizons?

All in?


  1. I was so early this time you weren't even there!
    I haven't watched any soccer, but did see the Aussies whacking hockey balls about with great fervour. They snagged some medals, too.

  2. We're hiding from the whole World Cup thing. Is that bad?

  3. Oh Jane, you've outdone yourself creating these symphonies of flowers. Such amazing variety, and I love the way you make them seem both wild and harmonious.

    I'm glad your neighbors are helping out. I have a feeling you are a very good neighbor yourself.

    Though I am obsessed with American football, I haven't been watching soccer at all. I should--I'd probably like it. In fact I will--thanks for the inspiration all around.

  4. Fantastic arrangements, Jane. My favorite is that citrus splash! :o) I loved reading about your neighborhood helpers - we should all be so blessed with such awesome neighbors. Have a great week, and thanks for the link-up party! xo

  5. Jane these are really beautiful flowers arrangements.

    I'm watching the clock for the start of Germany v. Portugal:).

  6. Your flowers are lovely...and thank you for the link party today.
    Lisa suggested I join in on the fun and I am glad that I did.
    If only my cats didn't devour my arrangements I would be able to have them in every room!

  7. I can't believe you have all those flowers in bloom already! Yarrow in Nebraska doesn't bloom until fall. crazy. You have a great talent and a good eye for arranging...the flowers look like they're stretching and moving.

    I am hoping my neighbors are as great as yours, it seems they always make for a great weekend.

  8. gorgeous gorgeous jane. i need to take some photos and join your party.

  9. All just lovely, but that citrus splash is amazing! Waiting for soccer later on today... would like to see the USA come through with a win. My son's fav team didn't fare so well over the weekend.. he and his American-English wife are great England supporters... oh well! Isn't it great to have a good neighbor? Am sure yours feel that way, too! As always... thanks for the party!

  10. Perfectly gorgeous! Many questions ... what is the "octopus" plant? assume it's bright pink? love it! Are those Jane-grown hydrangeas? or brought from the store? Much jealousy here if they are yours.

    Thanks so much for hooking me up. The problem with taking two days off last week, is that this week I am behind before I started. Glad that things sound like they are going well these days. Thnking of you. Party on!

  11. Your flowerarrangement are superb, love the combinations, I suppose this is all from your garden. I will be your new follower.

  12. Lovely arrangements. I love how free spirited they look.

  13. Can see why that periwinkle blue vase is a favorite.
    Your bouquets just scream "summer"...

  14. Forget the soccer, it's the flowers that are screaming for my attention. Jane, they are so summery and pretty. Really beautiful! Jane deserves another appreciation day! xx

  15. Wow, I really need to grow more cutting flowers cause your bouquets are marvelous.

  16. Gorgeous as always! I was away, missed the invite, oh well another month another sport.

  17. Those black bud thingies on the curly stems are show stoppers for me.

    1. Japanese clematis...from my next door neighbor. It grows tall, she has it on a trellis. Love.

  18. Biggest Nigellas I've ever seen! Impressive, indeed. Thanks, Mizz Jane. No flower pics from me but I'll e-m you a sweet little video of a gorgeous huge butterfly feeding on my carnations today.
    Diane in Denver

  19. These are beautiful arrangements! My favourite is the kitchen´s one :)
    There is a lot of soccer around here too.

  20. Hi Jane, I finally have a chance to study your arrangements. Amazing, as usual. I particularly like the one you "stuck" in a jar. You designed even without actively thinking about it. One talented lady. I wish I had time to use the flowers in my garden. That's always such a fun and challenging activity.

  21. I love these arrangements. I am going to TRY post Flowers in the House.

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  23. More evidence you are a pro and I am not. I'm loving yellow lately. Nice yellows here. I think I might be what you are calling a lazy blogger...

  24. Just back from East coast trip! :) sorry so late with this...

  25. Just back from east coast trip, sorry so late with this :)

  26. My husband is currently watching France's latest match, and judging by the screams coming from the livingroom, I'd say they scored a goal. Elle will be happy :)

  27. This day may have been a blur, but with the major things accomplished to your home, it’s still turned out to be a remarkable day. And it's all thanks to your good neighbors that helped you in replacing some shingles to your roof and planting the new tree stump. Cheers!

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