Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dance, Dance, Dance All Night Long

I'm trying to do the math here and I think my last Zumba class was February 6th. The following Thursday was the night before Valentines, D Day for a florist and the  Thursday after that I was having surgery.

Finally, 3 1/2 months later I was cleared for Zumba.

Tonight was my first night back.

I danced, I sang, I swing my arms, I shook my booty and yes, I cried a few tears of joy.

I was back along with my usual Zumba partner who is wonderfully pregnant..She's 15 weeks pregnant. I'm 15 weeks out of surgery. Do you see a pattern here. No? Okay.

Anyhoo, that's what I was missing, I'd lost my sparkle, you know I wasn't the same. I needed to exercise.

For a formerly fit person, who loves to lift weights and dance till her hair is soaking wet, I have had only PT for all these months.

And while the exercises are more challenging every week, and the weights are continually raised, I'm now on 10lbs. for biceps and triceps, I'm weak as a kitten and have little resistance in my right arm.

There's still a hell of a lot of scar tissue that needs breaking up, and my time on the therapist table is unbelievably painful.

If I didn't love my therapist and trust her with my entire being I'd punch her in the nose.

But I do so I don't.

After an hour of vigorous exercise, I came home and made a delicious smoothie with spinach from my garden, mango, banana, cantaloupe and blue berries.

It was an ugly thing but it was delicious.

Now off to as hot a bath as I can take, then time with the ice pack.


See, I just needed some oxygen to the brain.

Why didn't we think of this sooner?

Thank you all for your encouraging, understanding and kick in the pants advice on my last post.

I love you all dearly too and would be lost without our connection.

So I'll blog when the spirit moves me and dance whenever the opportunity arises.

 No more naval gazing, promise.

xo J


  1. We all fall away from time to time. Doesn't mean that we are gone for good ... Just gone for a time.

    It is so good to hear that sweat and Zumba are part of the solution. On your way back to being you, one bit at a time.

    1. Perfectly said, I wish I had those words when I wrote this post.

      Have fun this weekend, wish I could be there to hear you speak.

  2. Good-oh! sounds just the ticket. (Also sounds horrid to me, but then I exercise theoretically, in a contemplative no-sweat way.)

    But er... your Zumba partner "got herself pregnant"????? Hmmm. Maybe I should send you a little booklet on the Facts of Life, Jane, and disillusion you....

    1. Hmmmm, perhaps I should phrase it differently? I'm so thrilled about her news I had to sound flippant apparently.

      Anyway you get to walk with Flossie, a superior form of exercise.

  3. Very funny, Rachel! Thanks for a good laugh.
    Diane in Denver
    (Colorado USA)

  4. Hi Jane,
    Loved this post -- full of bounce & spirit. Attagirl!
    Bisous, Diane in
    You Know Where
    ps, glad you liked the pix of the DBG Lilac/irises. That's one of my favorite gardens of all their many. Roses there don't look good -- hail damage, I think.

    1. :-) full of bounce and sweat more like it!

  5. Ah! So glad to read this post, Jane. I know exactly what you mean! I was the same way with yoga after my shoulder surgery. It's been two and a half years for me, and I am FINALLY starting to feel like I'm back in the yoga saddle. Hang in there, girl, and keep at it!

    1. Just the words I need to read.....but 21/2 years is a long time.....I wanted to make it 21/2 months!

  6. you are amazing. those arms will get strong again!!

    1. I'm not a very patient person......but I have no choice do I? Bird by bird. xo

  7. Navel-gaze all you like! And I'm only at 8 lbs/bicep/tricep so you are awesome!!!!!!!

    1. But after 13 reps I could tell my form was going so I went down to 9 for biceps, triceps no big deal.

      I can't decide if it's better to remember what I could do before surgery or just concentrate on the here and now.

      Maybe a little both of both?

  8. You must blog. That's all there is to it, or I'll have to come over again. :) So glad to hear you went to Zumba, one baby step at a time. Oh, and I'm dying to know who is preggers??? Do I know her, initials, any clue?

    1. Chrissy, no you don't know her. New neighbor since you've last been over.

      And oh yeah, it was soooo horrible having you visit at the shop, looking so good with your delicious treats :-)

  9. Two days to comment ... does that tell you that I haven't even READ a blog in two days - yep. It's just odd.

    Suspect the zumba will help your shoulder a lot. It's natural movement versus lifting reps. Altho I am very impressed at your 10-pound reps. I am still lifting 4 lbs. - at least over my head. every time i try to switch to 5, i get flashes of agony.

    Life is cycles of change, and this is just one of them.

  10. Good for you! You're inspiring me, not to exercise or anything that drastic, just in general. Dare I go girl! Ick, I just nauseated myself. Aaaaand, two posts in two days, mojo's back in town.