Monday, March 31, 2014

Doctors Orders

The good news: today I saw a star magnolia in full bloom. Early cherry and redbud are showing color.

The snow moved on, To Massachusetts I hear, and indeed, the sun shone.

GG and Tini picked me up after my Dr.'s appointment and we drove straight to our comfort food:Vietnamese.

There's nothing that a few rice noodles and grilled pork won't cure.

Maybe not the common cold but for that there's always Pho.

GG's best rest spot is in the passenger seat of her sister's car. Firm leather seat back to keep her upright, heated seat to keep her warm and the peace and quiet you can only find sleeping while on the road or in a driveway.

Ah, post op.

The bad news for me: no Zumba, no gardening, no pulling or pushing, continue sleeping with cast (and 2 cats) on for another month, Advil as needed.

I can't say I'm surprised but I hoped for a nod to gentle weeding. Wait, didn't I give myself tendonitis several years ago from too vigorous weeding?  Do you think my surgeon reads the blog?

He casually mentioned that men tend to get 100% of their rotation back, "gals" not so much.

Don't know why, says there is a study on this matter.

This "gal" hope to be an exception to the norm.

But I guess that means no weeding, no Zumba, no pulling or pushing, no carry anything over 3 lbs in my right hand.

Just get through 3 months without tearing it he begged me.

What? Do I give the impression I would overdo things?

It's like my first day at boarding school when my parents and I walked into the large room full of single beds with a chest next to them and a white curtain that pulled around for privacy.

We met the nun who supervised the floor.

She'll sleep in the bed next to mine she announced, might need to keep an eye  on her.

What? She'd just met me. What possible trouble vibe did I and do I apparently still give off?

Though I must admit by Thanksgiving of that year I was expelled....

But then I didn't have all of you keeping an eye on me.

No Zumba.

No gardening.

No pushing.

No pulling.

No yoga.

 No kidding.

xo J


  1. And look at Gus, doing the "Downward Cat" on your behalf.How considerate of him!
    I did 3 x 30 minutes weeding sessions yesterday...and paid.I began today on Advil.Do as your medico advises!

  2. Oh that is tough. We need to find some quiet pastimes for you.

    Sending warmth and love to you and GG. xo

  3. Could be an excellent opportunity to practice a little zen. My favorite mantra: "This is how it is now. Can I be alright with that?" (Not that I practice it much myself ... ) Maybe read a little Thich Nhat Hahn.

    My yoga teacher injured her shoulder a while back -- separated shoulder. She continued to teach yoga but was very limited in what she could do herself. But she sometimes found adaptations she could make. I understand that shoulder injuries of any kind take a very long time to heal.

    So, as my yoga teacher often says, "Be gentle with yourself!"

    1. Have to agree with Sharon, dear Jane. With all you have been through, really, please, please, slow down a bit & reflect. The weeds will still be there, trust me. Thinking of you, GG, snd those close to you both.
      Diane in Denver

    2. p.s., love the stretching cat photo! too cute. do you know Henri le chat noir on You Tube?

  4. dear jane. catching up on your last few posts. my goodness your plate has been full. much love to you and gg both. i think taking it easy is one of the hardest things to do sometimes. which is so weird right? take care my friend. xo

  5. Pay someone (knowledgeable) to will keep you out of the garden. Do a little walking for some exercise. Good books, movies, friends and meals are what you (and GG) need ;)

  6. Ugh, as miserable as that sounds I think you need to heed those words. Easy for me to say, I tried to lift a small refrigerator today and you and I are about the same size. Will we never learn? Show that you have.

  7. So, none of my business, but are you still doing PT? I did nearly 12 weeks post-op and it really helped ... how do you measure 100%? i think i have that, altho i do still have "discomfort" whenever i raise that arm above shoulder height - am working on that. I went back to Jazzercize - FEET ONLY - lots of marching - after the sling came off, when my balance was better, but did not attempt any upper body stuff until they told me "ok". I just needed to burn more calories ... and get out of the house a bit.

    So, do cool it on the weeds - or use "liquid weeder" carefully. Glad you are feeling well, and GG feeling better. Time, dear girl, time.

  8. Maybe we need to develop a taste (or recipes) for weeds. Today was my last visit for physical therapy - (elbow issues since Christmas but no surgery.) I will miss most the music in the PT office; exercising the elbow to the beat of Blondie's Heart of Glass. If you need weed taming this summer, I will offer my services, fully recovered elbow and all.

  9. I just got caught up by reading your last several posts! Wow, you've been busy! Sending you love and good wishes Jane....and if i lived in the DC area I would be over to weed your garden for you!