Saturday, December 28, 2013

It's A Wonderful Life

You know, I've been off since Christmas and I thought I'd be post bombing you.

But to your delight, this has not happened.

I promised myself I would let myself relax and the promise seems to be coming true.

Yes I still get up at 6:00am to let Gus out, but then Lucy and I go back to bed and sleep for another hour and a half.

(If this is your first time here, this may sound like I lead a very exciting life what with two bedmates...)

Then I make my latte, take it back to bed and read for another hour or so.

This is sheer heaven.

By then, the caffeine has kicked in and I do whatever projects I have planned for the day, shower and hit the road.

There might be shopping (there's always shopping), the gym, the library, coffee with a friend then home for a nap.
 I get to walk everywhere again, music blasting in my ears and my feet almost dancing down the street in pure enjoyment.

I've finally watched the last two episodes of Downton Abbey. This was finishing up last February just as GG and I were wrapping it up and I was unable to continue what had been a Sunday night date for the two of us by myself.

I am now ready for Season 4, on the TV at least.  I'm still in personal timeout. But that's okay.

I have always loved the post Christmas season when I stop being a pair of arms and eyes who seem to exist solely for the purpose of rapidly creating winter wonderlands for others enjoyment,
9 hours at a stretch. Ouch says the torn rotator cuff.

My only regret is that I was left alone after Christmas dinner with 3/4s of a loaf of the most delicious Stollen I have ever eaten and sometimes I find myself, as if in a dream, cutting slice after slice of it.

I try to break up the binging with clementines but I'm just fooling myself. My body wants that Stollen.

You can't always get what you want but we will always have butter, sugar and flour.

Happy post Christmas. Hope you're all enjoying the aftermath.

Gus is.


  1. It seems like most of the world took this week off. I missed them as I was going to work. Not really; it's nice to be on an empty train. It sounds like heaven to get up, make a latte and take it back to bed to read.

    It's also a week I polish off the candies and cookies, panettones and stollens, so I can start on a diet next week. I'm convinced if you eat it all at once, less calories get absorbed.

    1. With your words ringing in my ears, I promptly went to the kitchen and swallowed the rest of the stollen. Thanks I guess :-)

    2. My thoughts exactly Steve! I am doing a good job on the left-over Grand Marnier truffles.

  2. Sweet Jane...enjoy each moment! Please post bomb as you will! Since retirement, I live vicariously though my fav blogs and expend energy as I desire. The Christmas treats are calling to me as well. Sent the remaining Banana Pudding home with son and daughter-in-love as well as several slices of Sour Cream Pound cake, strawberries, and freshly made whipped cream. Much too much temptation. Perhaps our friend's comment above has merit...maybe eating all at once is a good idea! Happy, Happy 2014... Filled with good friends, merriment, and contentment! Susan

    1. Thank you Susan, the same to you.

      If I can't send sweets home with people I usually throw them out.

      But not this time. Oh, well it's all gone now! back to the gym!

  3. I too agree with poster #1. The day after New Year's Day is not going to be fun. Well, I'll be making WW zero point soup to have with my salad at work - I've got to have enough of my WW points allowance to have at least one glass of wine in the evening! But for now, eat, drink and be merry!

    I'm jealous: bed + me + my guy + Lucy + Molly = Katie on the floor.

  4. I am envying all of that sleep you're getting. Sometimes the sweets are too much, I have cookies from my neighbor, a friend bought me just about every kind of chocolate concoction and bar she could find at Trader Joe's and extra truffles that I made and today I'm actually thinking of baking a cake. Oh but for the ordinariness of life! Not.

    1. A cake? Beyond ambitious. Do you drink as much coffee as I do?

  5. Good for you to relax a little Jane! You always sound so busy. Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy New Year!

    Madelief x

  6. Post-bomb away--I would be happy with a morning and evening edition of Jane, Gus and Lucy.

    Such sweet pictures--your home looks so pretty and comfortable, and yes, charming. xo

    1. Agree 110% with Jen. we want more Jane entries, not less. More, more, more! As for all this sweets mania, we do all
      have freezers, folks -- do we not! Woke up to 12deg temps &2-3" snow this a.m., did exactly what Jane did! back to bed & under the covers. Happy mid-holidays to all!

      Diane in Denver
      where the sun is out &
      temps will hit 55 on Monday.
      its a wild ride, but we love it!

    2. Jen and Diane, you two should know better than to encourage me! xo

  7. Jane, you make such beautiful arrangements that's why you are in high demand. It's great, though, that you are able to rest. Happy New Year to you. See you soon. Christa