Sunday, September 15, 2013

Thanks For The Memories

Don't ask me why after the finish of a chicken and chickpea tangine I had to rush to the computer and now I seem to have honey all over the keyboard. This will be a very sticky post to write indeed.

I have a paper towel and a bottle of Windex at my elbow and I'm using it in between typing.

Though this doesn't appear to be working. Any suggestions?

What I wanted to write about was my trip to Boston and Maine, not the mess before me but the memories behind me.

I had never spent any time in Boston. What a beautiful city. Hard to walk in though, lots of little cobblestoned alleys that begged to be explored, window boxes exploding with flowers and many charming stores, my head was a swivel.

And several restaurants that begged to be eaten in. An Urban Cottage was my Boston guide. He showed me beautiful parks, swan boats, an unbelievable grocery store that stocked everything from raisins on the vine, an entire room of cheese and charcuterie to teas that ran $250.00 a pound. We didn't have a cuppa.

 I did sample a raisin though.

Sunday, in the midst of lightening and rain, we hooked up with Shelley from BowStreet Flowers and after the inevitable stop at Starbucks headed off to Maine.

Where Maine became, the way life should be. Sunshine, coastal towns with brightly painted buildings, antique shops sparingly arranged with nautical pieces and at the end of the road, in Cape Porpoise was lobster roll I have been looking for all my life.

On the way back we stopped at their favorite nursery, Snug Harbor, where we took many pictures, posted them to Instagram, then "liked" each others' offerings. Very satisfactory hanging with other social media types. Though I blush to disclose I have no pictures of the food, or beautiful Boston or even the colors of coastal Maine. I was too busy talking and enjoying spending time with people I had already grown to love through their writings.

I did get a few shots of the nursery though. Greenhouses filled with forests of topiaries, stacks of gently mossed pots, and overhead an assortment of old Chinese lanterns.

 Outside were cages full of peacocks in full molt and one yellow golden pheasant, alone in all its grandeur.

Talk about making memories. Thank you Steve and Shelley, I loved every moment.

Next up, DC?
Mi casa is su casa.

xo Jane


  1. You got some great pics of Snug Harbor - and I guess you can't take a bad photo in Formaggios!

    More time next time!!

  2. I want to see Snug Harbor one day-that golden peacock is surreal.

    1. Just turn the car east and drive like the dickens. You'll be glad you did.

  3. Tea at $250 a lb? That's almost reason for another Tea Party uprising!

  4. The very best thing about the blogosphere is the friendships that grow there. So wonderful that you had the chance to put real live - wonderful - people with their virtual personas. Someday in Arlington .... xoxo

  5. turn your machine off, attack the keyboard (and probably also the mouse) with hot water on a cloth. Turn keyboard upside down, leave until thoroughly dry.

    Time away when technology definitely takes bottom of the list is time well spent!

  6. Boston, I'm told, is full of Irish people. You saw some (red hair, pale skin, freckles), I hope, and said hello?

    1. I did and I asked them all if they were related to you. They all assured me they were and offered me a swiss roll.

  7. Your posts always put a smile on my face. Hope you managed to clean your keyboard!! It must have been a sticky afair!

    Oh Boston, Maine...sounds good...lucky you to visit!!

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  8. A wonderful vacation...that pheasant looks familiar, hmmm from where I wonder? Whatever you do don't spray the keyboard, certain computer death. I'm off to look at that recipe, honey and chicken, yum!

  9. Spent a few days in Boston once to go back and explore all those places with great names Snug Harbor.
    Are those rosemary topiaries?.....they look amazing.......they are on my list to grow, along with olive topiaries when I get home x

  10. Apricots, almonds, and chickpeas--oh my. This I must try. I think I'd like Maine. Another future adventure, along with the chicken. And that golden pheasant is fabulous. Thanks, Jane. Carry on!

  11. I sit here with tears running down my cheeks. I haven't read a blog for 12 months, I haven't posted a blog in longer so why did I choose yours to return to my favourite space and then to discover that GG has moved on just breaks my heart. My darling Jane I think you need to visit some Australian gardens with me for your next holiday break!!!! I keep in touch with IG but I've missed you and Renee G-d I hope there have been no big changes in her life too. Sending lots of love and guess I am returning shortly to this wonderful arena xxx Jules