Friday, June 7, 2013

Watch Now How I Start the Day

Since we are under the weather here, both with the all night/all day/all night rain and Gus still feeling the effects of Tuesday nights illness, I thought I'd bring the garden inside.

It feels like I was just rushing around cutting peonies in the pouring rain and now they are but a memory.

Still the garden is bursting with flowers. Wednesday after work I took a tour.

The first of the hydrangeas is in bloom. This plant was moved from a garden in Pennsylvania 9 years ago.

It missed its home and refused to bloom.

Three years ago I said that sucker's gotta go.  It heard me. It's been blooming ever since.

Talk to your plants, apparently they listen.

Second year clematis creeps up the ornamental plum.

The prickly pear is fighting for space with a  perennial geranium.

And the sweet ever so pink campanula? The aptly named octopus campanula?

Spreading its tentacles over inch of real estate it can claim.

But with such a pretty face, it's hard to be mad.

One more picture and I think I've got my fix for the day.

 Hello Black Jack, deal me in.

There. It's dark now. Time for a bath and a lovely nights sleep listening to the rain.

May you all awake to beautiful sunny days, read a poem or two by Mary Oliver and enjoy every moment of your weekend.

xo Jane


  1. Loved the walk. The hydrangea is well worth the wait. Love the colors! Sleep well. Give Gus a hug!

    1. I gave him a hug and a belly rub. he sends his love.

  2. What a beautiful garden - and such a lovely end to the week.

    Hope Gus is back to tearing around the house soon...

    1. At least I got to sleep till 6 this morning, something to be said for illness....

  3. I have a poppy that I bought four years ago that never bloomed and I almost pulled last year. It's got buds! I also have an heirloom hydrangea, five years old that has buds for the first time. I feel your excitement.

    Love your octopus plant! That's very cool.

    Hope Gus is feeling better soon. Could be have a hairball? My kids are shedding like crazy from the heat.

    1. I don't know, he's got the hair of a 70's rocker.

      Loving his bland diet, but then again who says no to a gently poached chicken breast?

      Oh,right, lucy.

  4. I do hope Gus is back to normal this weekend...such a worry when our furry family members are not themselves.

    When we bought our City House fifteen years ago, we planted an Italian prune plum tree. The first three years it produced 'zero' . The spring of the 4th year, hubby said "This is your last chance". Just like your hydrangea, it heard and has produced loads every year since. Same with the prune tree at Little House but it has been five years with nothing..same threat given by the Mister this spring and Wow, there is so much fruit it even looks freakish..So, you are right, talk to you plants, apparently they can hear.

    Have a happy weekend. xo

    1. So funny, not just talk to our plants, threaten them!

      whatever works:-)

  5. Love the canpanula - have had zero luck with any of them. I think the rain, rain, rain this winter and spring made the hydrangeas very happy. It's finally clearing here, so you should have sun soon, too. Happy weekend.

    1. We had this this afternoon. Heavenly. Maybe it's too hot for campanulas down your way?

      This one will probably just spread down to your beds.

  6. The sun came out today and the air thickened. Warm tomorrow and sunny. I'll peek at the dahlia bed before I go antiquing, play ball with Blossom and shop for dinner. A well deserved day off.

    Thanks for the garden tour.

    1. Enjoy. it's supposed to be humid here tomorrow so I'll be out early, dripping with sweat by 8:00.

      And yet I can't wait!

  7. Everything on your garden looks amazing! I'm sure the talking helps! I've been catching up on your posts...I completely forgot about Wolf trap in Vienna I think...I've been there so many years ago, but a lovely place for a concert.

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