Sunday, June 2, 2013

Babies At Work

Many things have happened since the big break up.

 Mr. Baby bought a new house and has been very busy fixing it up.

He  painted the living room and hung a new chandelier.

The dining room also has a coat of fresh paint and a new table and chairs.

He tore out the old kitchen and counter and replaced all the units, allowing him more room to give the dogs their treats.

He painted clouds and a bird on his bedroom ceiling.

He also learned to put his shoes on himself. Kind of....but he knows what drawer they are kept in and can get them out himself. This is impressive to me.

I can usually only find one shoe.

He made the dough and presented two different pizzas along with a huge salad.

And best of all, he sat me next to my favorite dinner companion.

That baby sure knows how to throw a party!

Thank you Mr. B and Company.


  1. What a precious little boy and a nice home :)

    The dog sure looks hopeful--did he get anything under the table?

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  3. Glad to see you spending time with Mr. Baby. Maybe this will be an easier week than last. xoxo

  4. I love this. Made me smile big on a Sunday night when a cricket has found his way into the house somewhere. Somewhere where there's an echo chamber. He's *loud* . Does Mr. Baby know what to do about crickets?

  5. Looking at him makes me smile!

    I love his light fixture--sparkling stars...

  6. Hello Nikka!!! Hello Mr. Baby! Boy, am I glad you're still ours to visit in Blogland. and Emile, I love what you've done with the house.

  7. Mr. Baby puts together a nice house. He should start a blog. Or maybe Babinstagram.

  8. Mr Baby can stand up by himself? When did that happen??? Surely he can only be three months old? Time passes far too fast....

  9. Mr. Baby is growing up, should he be Mr. Toddler. He is quite the decorator, very impressive. Seeing the Lab makes me very happy, but I'm sure not as happy as you.

  10. Now that baby is very talented..most little ones are though. I can smell the pizza from here. xo

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  12. That is a beautiful child! And the dog is pretty dang cute too.