Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pay It Forward: FITH Invitation

Good Morning all.

After such a horrific week for Boston and its suburbs I feel a need to do something life affirming.

And since I can't personally give my friends in Massachusetts a big hug and an armful of flowers, I thought we could do Flowers In The House this coming Monday.

I know it's short notice but after yesterday's lockdown and the eventual capture of the remaining suspect I think we need to look forward and celebrate spring, or fall, depending on your continent.

The air here is full of pollen and the heady scents of spring. The garden holds lilacs and tulips.

And though I can't share the sneezing with you all I can bring in a few blooms and pass on the beauty and my love and affection for all my fellow bloggers.

I'll set up Mr. Linky and throw open the windows.

Let's rock this flower power party.

xo Jane