Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Night Lights

Before there was the Colonel there was a long line of roommates.

Previous to Mr. Stay for 4 Years, we rented to students in town for an internship.
They came for a few months at a time, with high expectations and minimal luggage.

One taught me to cook Katsudon. Another chopped onions while wearing his lab goggles. He also baked fantastic fruit pies with the most tender crusts. He ate pie for breakfast.

 A third drank iced venti chai lattes for dinner. And the fourth built fires for us whenever we wanted to cook out and Lab sat for us when we went to Germany.

A fifth drove me crazy.

We, now me, have stayed friends with them all, well all but the one who made me nutty, and they visit when they come to town. Sometimes they sleep on the couch. Once a roommate....

This week Donald came to dinner. He lived with us while doing an internship at the Smithsonian.
After that he went to the Netherlands for his Masters and is now in Quebec working on his PhD.

He goes dinosaur hunting in his down time. And bakes pies. He organizes a thanksgiving dinner where ever in the world he may be.

He also send the best postcards known to man.

He brought me tulips. I was so touched, no one brings a florist flowers.

They should, we love them.

He was saddened by the absence of GG. That made two of us.

But we ate and talked and as ever I pretended to understand what he does in his lab.

Bird embroys?

As he left I stood in the doorway arms full of kittens and he stood in the front yard arms raised as if in benediction.

"Stay awesome Jane", he said.

And for that moment I felt invincible and yes, awesome.

The Donald rocks.


  1. If you're even half as clever, warm and funny in real life as your blog persona, it's no wonder people want to stay in your circle of friends.
    Sounds like a lovely, self-affirming evening - bask in it!

  2. It's always nice to catch up with an old friend. Why don't we take more time to do that?

    If I ever had a roommate that baked pies, the rent would be free. I might even do their laundry.

  3. Orange pointy tulips--they are fabulous! Donald sounds like a great guy--interesting, and a good friend.
    And you, my dear, are most definitely awesome.

    xo, Jen

  4. Love that he brought you tulips! Genuine, affirmation, kindness, caring. . . the best, isn't it. A perfect visit, just for you . . . for this time . . . Donald Rocks . . .

  5. Sounds like a great visit. Flowers and affirmations? Goodonya, Donald! Looks like someone else enjoys the tulips as much as you do :)

  6. You must have been a great 'landlady' to those renters if they keep in touch / come back. Donald sounds lovely - and good for you right now. Gorgeous tulips. X

  7. Lovely post, Jane. But an alarming last photo - you haven't got a tulip-chewing Scooter type, have you? Or a vase-water-drinking Millie? Either spell trouble......

  8. I would bet if I met you I would think you were awesome too Jane.

  9. Right, Jane? Nobody brings the florist flowers. Donald apparently gave it some thought as well.

    Awesome Jane needs flowers too.


  10. Dear Jane, It says so much that those you helped and welcomed return. We often forget florist love to receive flowers, chefs enjoy being treated to a home cooked meal and ministers need to be ministered to. I think you are most definitely awesome, as well. Have a wonderful weekend! Bonnie

  11. We can indeed confirm you are Staying Awesome.

  12. What a sweet friend and beautiful gift Jane!

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Madelief x

  13. How wonderful you've remained in touch with 99% of the roommates :)

    Even kittens like tulips?

  14. I'm totally w/ Donald. "Stay awesome Jane"

  15. Donald sounds quite interesting. We had a room mate once for about 7 months, a relative, after two weeks I wanted to put a hit out on him, oh well. Love the color of those tulips, awesome Lady J.

  16. That whole story is awesome. He sounds lovely and has very good advice! x

  17. Darling Jane...I do love the way you tell a story! You are awesome!

  18. this post made me happy. i'm relatively new to your blog (coming over from 66sq feet if you track that sort of thing). i'm cheering you on long distance-hw

  19. What a lovely gift- both the flowers and the friendship.

  20. How wonderful to be re-visited by a good friend - especially one who recognizes your awesomeness!

  21. Donald sounds like an absolute dream!

  22. Friends who both have faith in us and go out of their way to articulate it. Does wonders doesn't it? Hugs. x