Friday, February 8, 2013

Thinking Of You

 We, in the Commonwealth of Virginia, are sitting this storm out.

I'm sending our best wishes to our fellow bloggers further up the coast and into New England.

May you stay warm and cosy in your nests.

May your kitchen be filled with delicious smells and flavors.

May your power stay on and your supply of books be inexhaustible.

And please, if you can, keep in touch.

xo jane


  1. I second that. Just got word from my daughter in Brooklyn, that while they got a lot of snow, power is on! Hope it is that way for everyone!

  2. It looks pretty bad this morning. Am worried about our friends...

  3. Kept up with some northern friends via FB this morning. Most are shoveling paths so their dogs can go out ... THAT'S my kind of priorities!

    Now you've got me hungry for soup. A trip to the store for potatoes and an onion is in order for later this morning.

  4. Thank you dear Jane. We got about 12 inches and manageable winds, digging tunnels to walk through this morning. Worried about our friends in Mass., they've been hit hardest. How do you get those kittens to do those most adorable things?

  5. Blizzards are best admired from afar!

    Your kitties are adorable--I never get tired of looking at them.

  6. Stay cosy; it will pass. Here, it just rains, and rains....

  7. Lots of snow but never lost power. I did lose my heat but quickly figured out the vent was drifted over with snow so it shut off. Dug it out, reset it and, voila, plenty of heat. We're all cozy and warm.

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  9. We heard about the snow storm in Holland too. Hope it won't be too bad! I am happy to see you are cosy and well fed :-)

    Take care!

    Madelief x