Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

Ahhhhh, hello again.  At about 5:50pm I snuck over to the computer at work and spent a mad 5 minutes reading your blogs.

I was almost unable to stand up again what with my feet instantaneously swelling up to twice the size of my boots.

But I made it home and am ensconced in front of my own computer and am hoping to finish this post before the Thai food arrives.

Then I am hoping to stay awake long enough to eat said food.  And take a bath.  And get these boots off.

So this is Christmas?

Our tree is up and halfway decorated.  The Tasmanian devils remove anything under 18". Half measures avail us everything.

To avoid breakage (much) there are paper ornaments made by GG, garland crocheted by little ole uncrafty me, postcards, some family ornaments from Germany and Danish stars and origami and lights, lights and more lights.

Of course they unwrap the lights on the lower branches. They also try to unwrap any present that makes its way under the tree.

I call them the little strippers.

We are all drawn to the tree.  We sip tea, read books, watch football and occasionally nap by its flame. 

( Intermission)

I'm back, dinner done, bath taken, dressed in sweats and moccasins. Ahhhhhhh.

The kettle is boiling, the couch is empty, I'm off.

Hope you can all put your feet up and enjoy a quiet moment at home.

xo Jane


  1. Ah, yes. Nothing better than sitting down, feet up, enjoying the tree, sipping a cup of tea. For me, Rooibos chai made with milk, slightly sweetened.

  2. All of it sounds perfect Jane...enjoy every minute of your couch time! I have a half-tree too. It's growing on me. :)

    Hope you and GG have a truly blessed and merry Christmas! xo

  3. Almost over,eh, Jane? Bathed, warm and moccasined...thai food? Yum.

  4. Exactly. Feet are up, I'm on the couch. Enjoy the moment. Merry, Merry, Christmas.

  5. Happy Christmas, Jane! Your place looks lovely, cosy and festive, a haven. I hope the pressure is off soon for you.

  6. What is it about a lighted tree that draws us to it like moths, or five year olds? Yours is lovely, elegant, old fashioned - all at once. Makes we want to curl up with you both.

    Hope the poor feel will make a few more days and leave you with enough energy to enjoy what follows ... xoxo

  7. you're nearly there! sending you love from glasgow. (i love that last photo) x

  8. I still haven't put up my tree. Tonight, I swear. Meanwhile, you are brilliant. Postcards and paper ornaments will be the way to go because of kitten and because 90% of my ornaments are in the Catskills where we spent Xmas last year, and I forgot to bring them back.

    Love the picture of GG on the couch by the tree. That's where I'll be every evening after the tree goes up. (my couch, not yours)

  9. Tree looks beautiful and now you can all sit there like moths to the flame, which is what we do. A friend of mine had a Himalayan kitty who used to climb through the tree all the way to the top, knocked it down several times until, I guess, figured out this wasn't so much fun cause then he stopped...three years later. Hope yours stays up and decorated. Wishing all of you a very merry Christmas.

  10. Crocheted garland! How can you call yourself uncrafty? Merry Christmas, Jane (and GG, and little strippers).

  11. Your tree is gorgeous and we love to camp out near ours and just stare. Seems peaceful and restful. Have a Merry Christmas!

  12. You know that time, at the end of a long day, when you just want to sit down and put your feet up, sip a tea (or in my case a teensy bit of wine) and maybe read a book or a blog? The BF and I call that "CROC time", because that's our shoe of choice (and I don't care how ugly anyone thinks they are - seriously, have you tried them??)for relaxin'! Happy to hear you finally got to do just that!

  13. p.s. Happy Holidays and all the best in 2013!

  14. Glad to think of you on the sofa in your comfies! Merry Christmas to you, lovely Jane!Bxx