Saturday, September 15, 2012

Politics And Prose

I was going to write a sensible post.  One with a beginning, middle and end, a theme.

But it's early Saturday morning and I'm trying to protect the sleepers, GG and the Lab, from the very awake, uber playful kittens.

When I hear the triumphant ring of metal on porcelain, I jump out of my chair and rush to the bathroom to grab the metal bathtub drain away from them and stick it in the medicine chest.  This allows them time to make a grab for the reading glasses I am carrying. All is fair game in kitten soccer.

The bathtub is their favorite arena. Toys can't get lost as they seem to in the living room.  Our rugs have suspicious bumps under them.  They do like to knock the bathmat into the tub with them.  Good for time outs I presume.

The Lab has just come out of the bedroom,stared at the kittens resignedly and collapsed in a heap on the rug with a big sigh.

I hope she isn't lying on a bottle cap or a ball.

My original point was this: I love the safe space you/me/we have created here on the web.

As the world swirls around us in a blur or violence and downright stupidity: as womens' rights are slowly stripped away from us in the very state I live in, my blog list is a mini vacation.

Fennel seeds and rose gardens, camping trips, pot o fleurs, crabapple syrups boiling away on the stove, all this has slowed down my pulse and put a smile on my lips.

Thank you all for time well spent shooting photos,editing and posting them, taking time to gather up the words to express an idea or paint a picture of your world.

Thank you all for spreading grace and beauty about so freely.  Hoping for nothing but the occasional comment, an acknowledgement, a "I get you".

Now back to the real world (that clearly includes a garden clean up). -:)

xo Jane



  1. Blog reading as therapy - I'm with you! X

  2. Never mind your garden - cleaning up will wait. Come and walk on Exmoor with Flossie and I! Bring the Lab. There are lots of sticks.

  3. Beautifully put--I'm with you on all. (except GG, the Lab and kitties--I admire them from afar)
    Let the garden be (unless you find clean up theraputic.) Find yourself a good escape novel...

  4. Jane, I couldn't agree with you more. Have fun playing "bathtub soccer". Garden needs some work, but it is a bit rainy....good excuse to read or blog browse. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. jane you are the best. i feel the same way and i could never have said it like you just did. thanks hon. xo

  6. And you are always showing up and making us smile, no matter how crappy it gets out there. Thank you.

  7. There is lots going on around us. It's all a little overwhelming really .... and most of it just plain confusing. Thank goodness we can visit each other for a little respite.

    Hope you find some peace cleaning that garden. XO

  8. I'm in, too, and hope for better things in 60 days, but looking at your garden softens the edges of my life.


  9. I am with you too. Spending months away from home this year as I have with work, visiting my blog friends and playing around with posts for my own has helped me while away the hours and share a sense of community even though I am sitting solo in a hotel room in Jakarta.

  10. Great observation on something we perhaps take for granted.

  11. Very nice post, I really enjoyed it! I've been trying to avoid the news lately... I know I can't just be an ostrich and put my head in the sand, but sometimes there comes a point when you do need a break... need to just read or do something that makes you happy to take your mind away from the crap.

  12. I do love that the blogs I read are an escape into a world of beautiful flowers, family get togethers, adorable animals and lovely things. I think we all need this, to balance out the harsh reality of the other things going on in the world. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I think your garden looks gorgeous!

  13. Yes and if only my internet would work faster tonight I would have traveled much further! x