Monday, July 9, 2012

Roadtrip: 95 North

Miles of highways, drinking iced lattes, eating cherries, 80's hits on the radio.  The dog napping in the back seat, me snapping pictures with my phone.  All the best pictures are on Instagram. 

We dropped off the Lab in Connecticut where she spent the week with 2 cocker spaniels, swimming in the Sound and barking at a pin dropping.  Cocker spaniels= noisy excitement.

Off to the Cape with the two of us to stay with 3 white dogs, my ( why doesn't she have her own blog) friend Susan, who dined us, let us read for hours, dished up a granola I liked better than my own, poured my lemon syrup recipe into tall glasses of sparkling water, drove us to get the "best" lobster roll ( a pound and a half of meat on a toasted bun, oh my god) and the "best" ice cream made with fresh cantaloupe.  Her lamb kebobs were also voted "best" on the Cape by us.

She and her husband live on an airpark.  GG hitched a ride in his plane.

I documented.

We beached ( is that a verb?) shopped, slept, picked our own vegetables at a local farm ,got pedicures for ourselves and a haircut for the the little ones.

No wonder I was unplugged all week.

Now we're back.  GG's back to work and I'm back to the laundry.  And back to blogging.  
I'll be by to visit shortly.  Missed you all.  Wish you were there.

Wish we were still there.  Thank you Susan and Jerry.  Love you Alfie, MacTavish and Mutley.

xo Jane


  1. Sounds and looks like a true vacation. You had me at cantalope ice cream. When I was a child we had a MacTavish--a big Irish Setterish dog...

  2. Is it appropriate to say that GG is gorgeous?

    Glad you had a nice vacation.

    1. Totally appropriate! This is why her pics always grace the blog. I have my own model.

  3. Sounds like a swell time (yes I said swell). Welcome back!

  4. I could do with a little beaching myself after all that, sounds glorious.


  5. Sounds like a wonderful time. Yum, cantaloupe ice cream!

  6. Your week sounds good Jane! Have a lovely new week. Good luck at work again!

    Madelief x

  7. you girls know how to vacation!!! today would be a perfect day on the Cape. Alas, I'm in Boston.

  8. Hello Jane

    Sounds like the perfect holiday and those lobster rolls have me drooling over my keyboard. I have not heard of an air park, how interesting.
    The plane looks awesome, great pics of GG and the pilot.

    I bet your dog is happy you are home


  9. I seriously want friends who live on a cape. You just confirmed how awesome I imagine cape/friend vacations to be. All your holidays sound wonderful!

    Glad you're back....missed you. I don't think I've seen GG before...she's a doll. :)

  10. What a lovely break from the humdrum. Glad you are back ... missed you.

  11. ahhh, what a nice break. it sounds so fabulous, i'm jealous!
    btw, you didn't miss a thing.


  12. oh wow- living in an airpark- so much more exciting than jumping in the car and GG looks in her element! x

  13. I actually feel more relaxed just from reading this. How wonderful it all sounds! Glad you're back, tho.

  14. You had me at lobster roll. That's all I will be thinking about today... lobster rolls.