Friday, July 27, 2012

Pre Party

Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, it's party time at SmallButCharming.

Come Monday, the last Monday of the month it's FITH, or Flowers In The House to the uninitiated.

If you're like me you'll sneak out in the a.m., clippers in hand and cut as many flowers as possible before the temperature hits 100 degrees.

Then you'll rush inside, plunge them in pitchers of tepid water and let them drink to their hearts content before you fill your favorite containers full of summer and place them about the house.

Or maybe you'll drop by your farmers market and grab an armful of hydrangea or zinnias, bring them home and plunge know the routine.

But join us please for this monthly event.

We've had some sad times here this past month and you've graciously read and commented on them.  Now I'd like to celebrate the good times the way I know best: with flowers.

I'll be posting what I'm celebrating along with my arrangements next Monday.  Maybe you'll do the same?

Here's a little something something I'm bringing to an Olympic party tonight.

Say it with your heart, say it with flowers.

xo Jane


  1. This is the most difficult assignment yet. I think there is literally nothing in bloom. Thank goodness for the market. Glad things are looking up. Xoxo

    1. I know! I have limelight hydrangea and black eyed susans. Well I have them now, may be all burned up by Sunday!

  2. Your arrangement is beautiful Jane. We just finished watching the opening ceremonies for the Olympics and loved it. One of the best ever.
    Enjoy your weekend


  3. Mwah, see you monday. My wee man has steel wires removed from his wrist with no pain relief ( IKNOW, Whaaat?), on monday. So I will need flowers. Totally dreading it, please think of us, I am worried I will be out cold on the floor myself!:/ xx

  4. Your Olympic arrangement is particularly lovely, and I hope I'll be joining you in the Monday plunging if the rain holds off.

  5. Oh my garden is sorry about now.

    If I can muster, for you, I will. If not, the fault is mine alone.

  6. Yes, let's celebrate the good times with flowers...absolutely. I imagined my yard to have plenty of things blooming...but sadly not so much....but for you Jane...I will find something to bring into the house to plunge in tepid water! Love your Olympic arrangement.

  7. chaos this side Jane- will try and join shortly! x