Monday, May 21, 2012


It feels like a week, oh it has been a week.

We've been busy with 3 deliveries this week.

#1  Mr. Baby who picked me up at the shop for our monthly pedicure.  He gets swung in the air, kisses, applause and a nap. I get the bill.  Then he swung by the house to hang with the Lab.  Guess you could say he's a swinger.

#2  5 yards of mulch. Delivered by the county, piled in the driveway, spread by us.  

Aeriel ( back porch) views of the newly expanded back bed.  This formerly housed the large maple GG took down last summer.  We planted a new peach tree, three lavenders, rose bushes and moved over  a few clumps of shasta daisies and fennel  from another bed.  I will live to regret both these choices.  The fig  tree is to the left of the path.

Both the peonies and the baptisia had struggled in the shade of the tree.  They had a triumphant return this spring. As did the fig, tall, leafy and green.

Fennel, invasive, and yet I love it's clouds of smokey goodness. This is the bed that holds the new lilac.

I'm not allowed to plant any more fennel. Okay, okay.  I'm not allowed to touch the grape again either.  I had a battle with it yesterday while trying to get up the back steps.  I won.  I got in big trouble. I'm sorry.

#3  My friend Susan appeared for a very short 3 day, 2 night visit.  There was animated conversation,  too much food, garden walks, laughter and very little sleep. And we got invited back to her house on the Cape this summer. Hoorah!

As soon as I get this laundry folded I'm off to see what you all have been up to.

I've missed you.

xo Jane


  1. Love the fennel. Is it a perennial there or does it reseed?

  2. Hello Jane

    You have been very busy. I love your garden, the fennel is beautiful but seems invasive. How great you have a trip to the Cape to look forward to

    Thanks for stopping by today and for your kind words

    Helen xx

  3. I agree that the fennel is pretty, but it's a thug and it will only bring garden heartache ... there's still time to rip it out before it gets established and can implement the inevitable world domination plot.

  4. Steve, If you read the comments following yours you will have your answer. Fennel is permanent. But you can pull out the new babies and still enjoy a few black licorice clouds!

    Helen, Yes invasive. That's the word I've been looking for!

    Hartwood Roses, I can pull it out of my garden but I can't get it out of my heart!

  5. Jane, my new flowerbed has very halfheartedly ragged edges, put to shame by yours. It is making me cry. How soon can you be here?

  6. Oh how I miss those little chubby baby legs and feet- my best...but those little tummies too- made for kisses x

  7. Nothing cuter than a baby butt to start your week. Thanks! My neighbor has fennel, he hates it, I forget why. Yard looks beautiful!

  8. No babies here. Average age where I live is 63 or some such....

  9. jane your garden looks so pretty and orderly. and you were right on with the comment you left today. xo

  10. Oh your gardens look wonderful. I like the texture of the fennel. My peony struggles as well. It starts out strong then the upper canopy fills out and gives it too much shade. Maybe one day I will move it. Enjoy your week. Bonnie

  11. Been missing you! The "new" bed looks lovely, and at least the shastas aren't all that hard to rip out - says one who has ripped out at least a ton in her lifetime - and they do help fill space until you find something else you like better!

    glad all is well. xoxo

  12. I wouldn't mind lounging in that tidy yard with a nice book right about now...

  13. I hope you all know the bed is newly edged and mulched, hence the neatness.

    come back in a month, no in a week and we can weed together.

    But I would love to look out the window and find Denise hanging out reading....

  14. I can see the allure of the fennel. I noticed several seedlings of it in a boxed bed one of my neighbor has against his garage, where it's quite sunny and he likes to grow tomatoes. For a while, it looked like he was just going to grow fennel there this year, but he has pulled out most of it and inserted his tomatoes. I imagine it's easier to control in a bed of annuals (flowers or veggies), where you can thin it out before the new planting.

  15. Jane... your hard work is paying off. What better reward than beautiful baby to cuddle and enjoy! You mentioned peonies. I have tried to find if these lovely flowers will grow as far south as I live. Since I have never seen these in nurseries in South Georgia (Zone 8) am wondering if they just wouldn't like the heat? Anyone know? Enjoy your handiwork... before long the weeds will be rearing their heads... begging to take over or be uprooted!

  16. I have garden envy! and those Mr. Baby shoes!!!

  17. Lovely garden Jane ! Great photo of the doggy and babe : )
    ~ Robyn Xo

  18. Looks lovely. We just re-mulched our front yard, and it always astonishes me how much you need to cover that bit... Can't use it in the back yard though the perenniels bed would need it - but the dogs eat it...