Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Something Wicked (Good) This Way Comes

I don't know about you but I am a sucker for a "10 Things I Can't Live Without" list.  Whether it's found in the NYT , Vogue, House Beautiful or WSJ, doesn't matter to me.  Frivolous, serious, tongue in cheek or drop dead serious I'm your audience.

I'm such a fan I decided to ask some of my favorite bloggers to write their own list and let me post it here, once a week, starting tomorrow.

If I haven't asked you yet, I will. So get your thinking caps on.

Not enough for me to ask you to let us into your houses and see your flowers, now I want to get in your heads and see what makes you tick.

I am a very nosy woman.  xo Jane


  1. Jolly good, such lists are the Stuff of Life. I'll invite a few women of the parish around tomorrow for a read and discussion of your first honoured guest. They all feel so listless in mid-winter.

  2. I am the person who sits in the back of the room at the comedy club so there's no chance the comedian will draw attention to her. But I like those lists too--they more fun than many others--such as the scary "seven things you didn't know about me". I hope you will set a good example and do one for us.

  3. Mise, hoping you'll be one of the list writers....let's see what the parish ladies have to say then:)

    Jen, Totally me too, I'm always afraid to go to Cirque De Soile for fear they'll drag me up on stage and I'll embarrass myself in front of 100's of people who don't know me.

    Don't worry about the list. You can do it in the privacy of your own home:)

  4. Oh I can't wait to read. (you inspired me to bring home flowers this week.)

  5. and so dear Jane...where is your list and maybe GG's!!!! xxx

  6. Bonnie, Thank you for your lovely attitude.

    Julienne, well played, my dear. All right, all right I'll write one.

  7. How fun! I'm a sucker for this stuff too. And all lists have to start with, "Breathe."

  8. The last '10 Things' list I devoured was the best new beauty products - yes call me shallow but I need to know such things.
    Louise x

  9. I'm with Julienne - you and GG show us yours as well...
    Love lists very much and also love lists you can tick things off. xx