Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Hesitant Bride And The Reluctant Guest

I'm sure any florist would tell you how extremely difficult it is to do the wedding flowers for one of your best friends.  You love them so much you want the flowers to be perfect, expressing your love for them and echoing the beauty you find in their very being and the joy you experience in their company.

And if after a long and tiring day, you have to rush home, attempt to glam up in an hour and attend the wedding itself: double stress and trouble.

I had already had a vivid nightmare that the flowers weren't done, the driver didn't come to work, yadda-yadda-yadda...

Last week I found out the shop owners would be out of town for the weekend, our driver had put in for the day off, and the bride was experiencing panic attacks. Dreams can come true.

Somehow I got in the zone and the flowers flowed freely.  Even I was happy with the results and I'm extremely critical of my efforts.

Unfortunately I had not one minute to get a picture of anything other than an urn arrangement that moved from room to room to room.

The heart stopping moment for all of us was when the bride went to say her vows. There was a very pregnant pause that lasted for minutes, not seconds, minutes.

GG said I almost broke her hand.  But then the spell was broken and the bride said " I ----  ------ take this man". 

The room visible relaxed. As did the groom.

The rest was all champagne and cake and dancing. 



  1. If the rest of the flowers looked anything like this urn arrangement -- bravo!

  2. I can see the love that you put into that special, sweet arrangement for your friends big day.

  3. what a gorgeous, gorgeous arrangement jane. i wonder about the pause. do you?


  4. I love the color palette. The arrangement is romantic but somehow a little handsome at the same time.

  5. A stunning arrangement. It would make a spectacular still life painting.
    I love the composition and how the tendrils lead the eye through the composition - beautiful!
    Helen xx

  6. Love the arrangement, and agree with Helen that it would make a beautiful still life painting. Such a wonderfully deep and muted palette.

  7. Hi Jane,

    You did well! The bouquet looks wonderful!!!

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  8. That love was making pretty patterns from the end of your fingertips! That is one inspired arrangement!


  9. I love that whisper of a Hogarth curve in your very stunning arrangement. I've been scouring antique shops for old silver containers. This one is awesome!
    xoxo Shelley

  10. Quite gorgeous flowers - a wonderful vintage look about them.

  11. Denise, oh the bouquet was just as it should be....why oh why no pictures(:

    Sherri, Perfect! The I think she did too.

    Janet, that was NOT the pause that refreshes!

    Urban Cottage, Thank you, you're kinda handsome your own self.

    Helen, That is quite a compliment coming from you. many thanks.

    Jen, The one rose is called amnesia, an indescribable color.

    Madelief, I would have loved a few flowers from your garden:)

    Belinda, it's always so much better when I step out of my way. xo

    Shelley, I loved watching the bride and groom driving away in a taxi, the urn between them headed for the Four Seasons Hotel.

    A room for three please?

    Rachel, exactly the word I was searching for. xo

  12. Aren't we all our own harshest critics? If the other flowers looked half as beautiful as these...Pleased all was well. x

  13. The flowers are beautiful,
    simply amazing.

    x Fiona

  14. Wow! I say that to all your arrangements, I know. This looks like it's from Downton Abbey.

  15. First, gorgeous arrangement. Such movement!

    Second, I know what it is to do flowers for a friend, and actually, because of what you have written, no longer offer to do it! Only if they ask. And then there's lots of arm-twisting.

    Third, congratulations on your decision. It can be done. My husband gave up three years ago after having smoked for nearly 20. We are all so grateful. You can do it!!