Monday, September 5, 2011

Goodnight Irene

We left paradise yesterday morning.  The sun was struggling to break through the clouds and we were wearing jeans and sweaters.  

We arrived home to a humid 90degree afternoon.  Ahhhh  Virginia.

 I need to unpack and reload but since I'm back at my own computer and can download pictures with complete and utter freedom, not worrying I'm going to crash GG's notebook, one post seems in order.  Yes?

Connecticut Saturday: a memorial bench at the harbor before Irene.

And after.

Monday when the winds had settled and the sun returned we were invited, er rather invited ourselves to a friend's house for a very cold shower.

She had been evacuated for the hurricane but when we showed up with towels and shampoo ( which I didn't use, no hair is so dirty as to need a freezing cold wash) all was perfectly serene and looking ready for a photo shoot.

I don't think Betsy owns a computer, has ever heard a blog or goes in much for decorating magazines, yet her home is a haven of beautiful vignettes composed of treasures, inherited, gifted and picked up on the beach or in the woods. Her personality is equally soothing, but you can coax a wicked giggle  or two out of her if you're lucky.

She had no power, so we picnicked on  Nutella sandwiches, sliced apples, tamari almonds and handfuls of red grapes.

It was truly the calm after the storm for us.  The lab napped in the sun, we talked about times old and new and then we carefully made our way home through the streets still filled with downed trees and power lines.

A haven is where the heart is. Thanks to Betsy and all the other people who opened and still are opening up their homes and hearts to those in need of a safe port.


  1. I love how in the commercial for Nutella how they describe it as having "a hint of cocoa." Nutella always reminds me of Germany where I had it for breakfast each morning on rye bread. But I digress. Seems like you had a very memorable vacation.

  2. I love the cord phone on the nightstand! Where else have those gone? Welcome home. Now we begin "the Season".

  3. Glad to hear you are safe and that you found all that beauty in the wake of a disaster.

  4. It was quite an adventure for you and GG, a vacation not soon to forget. Difficult circumstances can bring the best and the worst out in people, as you know, but it seems that you were in the company of the "best" group.

    Beautiful photos, as usual. xo

  5. Betsy sounds a wonder, unspoilt by the peculiar ways of the comment box and the Blogtopian pressure to add ric rac to everything. The real deal.

    And I wouldn't bother about your hair; it's looking absolutely gorgeous. Never better.

  6. Sounds like you made the best of a bad situation. Betsy's home is beautiful!

  7. So lovely and refreshing. Those linen (?) curtains. The antique books. The painting in the last picture. All of it. I want to take a nap in that bed.

  8. So glad you are home safely, and that you had a good time despite all the challenges. Have probably sent a ton of rain your way tonight. Wanted it for myself, but alas that is not to be. Use it wisely. xoxo

  9. Glad you and GG all safe and sound :)... that is my sort of home and the window with the bottles, lovely x

  10. Very calm and lovely house. I wish you a happy, fruitful, peaceful autumn.

  11. What a memorable vacation! Love the photo of bottles in the window caught at the perfect time of day...and you're right she has lots of interesting things and arranged in a way that apparently comes naturally since she's not plugged in like the rest of us! You must be happy to be home...even in 90 degree Virginia temps.