Monday, August 15, 2011

Not Too Hip For This Strip

Four hours weeding gives you a lot of time to think ( and curse). And  to swat mosquitoes and find a vole under the dying Miss Kim lilac.  But I digress.

I was mostly thinking about our neighbors Ron and Donna.  They lived on the street long before we all came in the 90's.  Donna is in a wheel chair and Ron works a full time job and then comes home and takes care of Donna.  And of all of us.  While the rest of us plant our heirloom tomatoes and our striped eggplant, only to have them all end up with blossom stem rot, Ron plants his usual crops of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and watermelon.  Then he picks big bags full and delivers door to door.  Yesterday I gushingly asked him for the name of the fabulous tangerine tomato we have been dining on all week.  They both looked at me like I was mad and said it's low acid.  But what's it's name I asked again, low acid they told me pityingly Oh. Guess I'll never fine out the name of the fat yellow cucumber that tastes like it's already been pickled. 

(This may be our only yellow squash, let's hear it for the girls)

And they love the Lab.  She popped out her hip on Friday and has done a lot of resting and a very little 3 legged hopping since then.  Donna came over yesterday with a treat and some encouraging words for Nika.  Today she had a box of Frosty Treats and a card for her.

I don't know if they have a computer, but they have a police scanner.  Donna is our own neighborhood watch.  We don't discuss politics and I have never heard the word organic pass their lips.They are not one bit cool.  They are something better than cool, they are kind.

And we are very lucky to have them as friends and neighbors.


  1. Nikka popped out her hip? ouch Nikka! Poor girl. Did it pop back in?
    You have great neighbors. A delicious no name tomato is just as wonderful as a fancy name tomato . Save the seeds!

    And I hear there's a meet and greet coming up after Labor ears will be burning!

  2. You and GG must be kind too, for kind people to be giving you vegetables. I had thought so, but it's good to have the subtle evidence piling up. Lord knows I'd give you vegetables myself if I could. Sometimes I rummage yearning in the lettuce compartment of my fridge, noting that I have a lot and wishing you lived closer.

  3. "They are not one bit cool. They are something better than cool, they are kind."

    I like the way you think. (Smile)

  4. i would say they are authentic.

    so are you btw.

  5. Steve, why that's right!

    Shelley, the hip did pop back in but she isn't putting any weight on her foot. poor pup. Arrg, I already ate the tomatoes, no seeds saved. maybe we'll get more.

    Yes your ears will be burning, but in the best way:)

    Mise, You always elicit a laugh out loud moment. I wish we did live closer. To help you out with the lettuce and all.

    little owl, I like the way you cook and think.

    Janet, exactly right, that they are. Me too, you think?

  6. Good neighbors make a great neighborhood, and from the sounds of it... you have one. I'm guessing that in the list of good neighbors, you and GG are right at the top.

    Hope you have a wonderful vacation next week, but will miss you. xoxo

  7. Kind trumps cool, especially homegrown vegetable giving kind.

  8. Salt of the earth, just plain folks, so refreshing ...

  9. You describe your neighbours so beautifully. Kindness is one of the best qualities.
    It is also so great that you appreciate what they do.

  10. What great neighbours you have, they seem lovely and so thoughtful.. poor Nika sounds painful x

  11. Kindness. Absolutely what it is all about. And I love the idea of authenticity too - as in no artifice, honest, mindful. You know one can wonder endlessly about self-improvement etc, and then someone comes along (like your neighbours), whose simple integrity and kindness seem to unravel our generation's fondness for self absorption. To live with integrity, kindness, generosity requires backbone though and sometimes denying the constant rush for personal gain. I'm thinking about this a lot since the riots. xx

  12. People rarely remember accomplishments ... but they DO remember kindness ... your neighbors sound wonderful.

    My brother grows an heirloom tomato that he got from his father in law. No name, as you would expect... they call it Papa John's Tomato. He saves seeds every year so he always has them. I'll bet this is what your neighbor is doing, and you can do the same.

  13. Kind neighbours are the very best sort, no matter what their political views or their inability to remember plant names.... No wonder you treasure them.

  14. Kindness tops my list and something I try to aspire to. Your neighbours sound just lovely.

  15. Uggh, just reread my comment, sound soo up myself and pompous, please forgive my blethering, I am just really glad you have kind neighbours. x

  16. Le sigh. What great neighbours! All I've been hearing from my fam is how they're warring with one of theirs.

  17. Such a heart-warming post. Yes, good neighbours are great. I'm lucky as well - I get eggs from Kim, plums from Mary, and terrible jokes from Andy!