Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Ahhhh, glamour camping.  Again. 

We arrived on Fire Island yesterday, a beautiful afternoon, 2 calm boat rides, running water in the house BUT no power.

Larry, our host, a very type A New Yorker was "annoyed".  We were so excited to have a gas grill, running water and a sweet beach house full of windows and vases of sunflowers you would have thought we had arrived at the Ritz.

Thanks to Marie I knew we could bake biscuits on the grill, after Connecticut we had learned to keep a pot of water hot for washing dishes, faces, and making coffee.

There was just enough hot water left in the system that we each got a shower and clean, clean hair.  This is the life folks.

The harbour has power so we are sitting in the shade, sipping iced lattes and using their WIFI. Heaven.

We are now off to buy a few bags of ice and a newspaper/  The Computer is almost out of power so I won't be able to visit you all today.  But tomorrow we'll recharge.  Literally and figuratively.

Until then, keep your car full of gas and your bathtubs filled with water.  You never know when a storm's a coming.


  1. Oh, i am so glad you are getting into holiday rather than survival mode - if you are sipping iced latte I am assuming some degree of relaxation is going on? lawd knows you deserve it. xx

  2. You're also establishing memories that you'll cherish for years! So refreshing that you can stay positive about the whole thing.

  3. Welcome to the hood! Kind of...Happy to bring you some supplies :-) Need sausage?

  4. I'm in awe, and vicariously sharing your happiness. There isn't much better than a well deserved hot shower and clean hair. Now, let's get it sandy and salty again!

  5. You guys are the best at effortless grace under pressure, even better than an uplifting tea towel. Next time my saucepan boils over I'll be straight on the phone to you for calming words and simple appreciation of clean, clean hair.

  6. You've got me thinking about pulling together emergency supplies. We are not at all prepared and this is earthquake country... So happy you were able to scrub up w/ warm water. I bet it felt so good. Take care, Denise

  7. Your positive energy comes through loud and that! Out here on the West Coast the media is treating it like old news and it sounds like people are still dealing with A LOT!!

  8. So glad you got there safely and are all set with lattes to manage the rest of it. Urban (or ocean) camping can be fun when you are not juggling work, too.

    Have a wonderful time! xo

  9. happy lovely days---i can feel the beauty and tranquility of fire island through your words.

  10. It sounds like a lovely, peaceful time your having.. I love it when we have power cuts here for a few hours and the kids come out of their bedrooms and away from technology, we play cards in candlelight and have such a laugh :) x

  11. If you guys had stayed in CT without water and power I was going to offer to let you come to our hotel to shower and use computers, etc. We had business in Mystic for two days and now we are in Newport, RI. Wonder how the DC metro area is holding up with me and James and you and GG all decamped to Northern parts? And once again, what a small world that we always seem to be this close to running into each other. Have a great time!

  12. Belinda, this is my #1 relaxation spot on earth. Nothing can faze me here:)

    Steve, Right? The vacation that knocked the last bit of princess out of me!

    Comeca, you're right, it is fabulous.

    Marie,You were on my list for a hot shower. I kept thinking, is she listed, can I call her?
    Sausage? bring it on!

    Shelley, Oh it did! And then clean again. The yin and yang of beach hair.

    Mise, next time your saucepan boils over send thanks for have a working stove!

    Denise, flashlights, KEY. Especially one that glows in the dark. Lifesaver. Candles, matches,who knew?

    Annie, I know, think of New Orleans, still a disaster zone. Short attention span in this here country of ours.

    Webb, Thanks to my very own eagle scout GG, all has been ween and fun.

    Jen, Just as beautiful after a hurricane as you remembered it to be.

    Deb,we too have played cards by candlelight for 2 nights. It's fun to share time with flesh and bllod friends:)

    Carrie, We would have been there in a shot! Thank you for thinking of us. Hope you're enjoying your time out of the city. so Fire Island isn't on your schedule? Damn. We love a dinner party here...

  13. A beach house and iced lattes! I'm waiting for the recharge, I want pictures! So glad the holiday is proving a success.

  14. Oh, I really, really love this post, because you don't just make do, you do it right! You have the best attitude, and what you said about clean hair is spot on. Somehow things seem do-able when you've got clean hair and beautiful flowers in vases, don't they? Sounds like a glorious trip to fire island. Glad you're enjoying it!

    xoxo Gigi