Friday, July 29, 2011

Starts With The Letter D

Disgraced Dog.

Caught up to his heiny in Nika's bag of kibbles.
(Again!! ~ gg)


Darling Dog.

In hiding.  Worried she did something wrong too and will get no dinner. 
(Like that would ever happen?~ gg)


Accidentally mowed down in our neighbor's yard because it's too hot to mow till dusk and after a certain point, dusk becomes dark.
(Sorry Nelda!)


What is it? I've had it on my wall for years.
(I have no idea... a buoy?)


Because it's sweet and juicy and cool to the taste. And, as you can tell from this post; it's too hot to think clearly here.  
(Yum! ... and pasta salad?!?)

Delirious, that's the word. I'm delirious.

Hmmm, what else starts with D ... drink! I'm off to ice one.

Enjoy your weekend.
xo Jane
(and gg :-)


  1. cute post...and you know i LOVE seeing the dogs....

    have a great summer weekend, my friend

    kary and teddy

  2. But they are both so cute... Enjoy the melon.

  3. I love those dogs and I would let them away with whatever they did. I have one like them here, she is precious.
    Love the cantelope! must get some from the farmer's market
    Helen x

  4. Oh does sound awfully hot there...I hope you are enjoying a cold beverage. It is warm and sunny here in southern California, but not hot enough to feel like it's the middle of summer....maybe because i still feel like a visitor here.

  5. your days and nights sound so beautiful jane. an iced one sounds pretty good right about now!

  6. The black dog looks guilty for sure.

    The thing on the wall is part of an old foundry mold. There's no telling at this point what it would have been for. But it's cool, no?

  7. darling dogs, droopy dahlias, delicious melon, dang what is that decoration--it's so cool, delightful post

  8. I like that you have something on your wall for years that you don't know what it is. Made me smile.

  9. I enjoyed this! Hope it cools down a bit for you. Good day today I sold my cottage...only the house to go! xo

  10. Adorable dogs. Lawnmowers need headlights. Yum, cantalope!

  11. Who's the yellow lab? It doesn't look guilty at all!!! Nikka Labby face! Leave it to Steve to know what a Foundry Mold is..but who put the bird on it?
    The heat abated this week, but it's comin' back.

  12. Please tell me your A/C is working better? Don't know how you get a single thing done!

    Nika is def taking on her pal's disgrace, look at those eyes!

    Wishing you cool breezes, Bxx

  13. Steve, Correct!! This is what they told me 10 yrs ago when I bought it at a flea market for 20.00
    GG never believed me cause it doesn't look like a mold....we googled foundry molds and saw many, some similar. Thx, o wise one.

    Julienne, Hurrah! Perhaps you can rest a little easier now. xoxo

    Shelley, Blonde belongs to sister in law, he's very young, very enthusiastic and very hungry:)

  14. I am new to your blog and loving it. Oh, those pups! Hot here too, on the edge of the Chesapeake Bay.

  15. you tart is on the plate and i'm icing up the coffee...see ya soon, my friend

    kary and teddy