Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hollaback Girls ( And Boys)

Are you home this Monday?  My vacation weeks, the last two weeks of August seem very far away.  I could use a little break.

So if you're not at the beach or diving into a cool lake, wanna do Flowers In The House ?

You know the drill, pluck a few blossoms, plop them in a jar or a bottle you found while traveling the shores of a forgotten beach.  Maybe you have a cool plant you want to show us, or some flowers on your picnic table.  Then you amble over here, leave a comment, link up through Mr. Linky with your information.  Then go and visit all the other houses.  Make a new friend, leave a comment, have something iced to drink.

We have acquired some new friends here in blogland and I hope they'll join us too.

Give us a hollaback if you'll be receiving visitors this Monday.

And have a fabulous weekend.

xo Jane


  1. Good Morning!
    It's much better when you say the last line outloud! :)

    Have a great weekend...see you Monday.

  2. Maybe, maybe. I've learned not to commit. If not flowers, I may be able to burst on stage with Untidied Mess In The House. It's not the same, I know.

  3. Hey Jane, yup Im only delighted to have a reason to snip and maybe purchase some stems for a treat!..See ya Monday Sinead x

  4. Ok. I'm with Mise though.....

  5. I'm in because I have to have flowers in the house for a Monday visitor. He's coming to see if I polished all the pebbles well enough. Hopefully it's a Good Thing :-)

  6. BTW, Can we do mould in the bathroom day, too?

  7. Sue, excellent, will there be flowers in the kitchen?

    Sarah, Yes it is:) See you then!

    Mise, No it's a grand concept. kind of like a come as you are party....

    Belinda, xoxo

    Urbanstems, yay! see you soon:)

    Rachel, come as you are!

    Marie, it's this Monday?!!! Did you get the bottle reference?

    Marie, of course if we can have kitchen ceiling down day too.

  8. I've got some stems to pick...see you Monday!

  9. Hi Jane,

    I am sitting behind my computer still smiling because of your remark on my blog! You were so right about the clothes :-)!!!!!! How did you guess?!

    I will try to join your party on Monday. Still have to make some photo's though!

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  10. I dont't know I got succulents on Monday.

  11. I think I'm in - along with a general rose post. But I might not get organized in time:(. If not this go-round, next time.

  12. I won't be home this Monday (still down in your neck of the woods!) but I'd love to contribute sometime. So, I just take pictures of flowers in my house and... send them to you? Post them on my blog and link you? I might need a little more explaining...

  13. i'm at my mom's. but i've got my camera. so, i think we'll do it!

  14. This is looking like a very good Monday.

    Little owl, hope you're having fun, sure have fabulous weather. You just put up a post, come over here and i have a Mr. Linky. You comment, link up with your info and the magic happens:)

  15. After a week away I came home to lots of flowers blooming. I look forward to sharing them and seeing all the posts!