Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Just Called To Say I Love You

Good Morning.  I've been totally MIA.  What with work, THE wedding to watch, dog walking, cooking dinner and snatching some time with GG, I haven't had a moment.

So a little bowl of flowers to say I'm sorry I haven't been by to visit.  As you can see the mock orange is in bloom and that in itself is another distraction.

And before you ask, no, I didn't think the bouquet was too small.  I thought it was pure enchantment with its emphasis on lily of the valley.

My garden is carrying on and as I run in and out the door, I see irises and  Miss Kim lilac, lavender about to burst, roses, wygelia and lots and lots of weeds.  And then some more weeds.

Sunday we have our yearly visitors from Switzerland.  But in between eating and talking I hope there's some lawn mowing and gardening and picture taking.  

So tell me, did you love it all?  The church flowers, the dress, the suddenly famous frowning flower girl ?


  1. Gorgeous flowers.

    I think the bouquet was the perfect size. I am sure it was planned to be held without covering up the beautiful torso of the dress. It looked like it had a lot in it. I would like to have seen a close up. I did notice that the boutoniers were a simple spring of Lilly of the Valley too. All very elegant and simple.

  2. It was lovely, but a bit formal. I prefer that bowl of flowers of yours. Mind you, I guess it would have added too much to the stress of the occasion for her to carry a bowl.

  3. They were gorgeous, the dress was average, the kisses were ENCHANTING. The rest was all ... whatever.

    What did you love?


  4. I'm glad I don't live nearer to you. My life savings would be blown in no time on orders for flower arrangements. This one is just perfect!

  5. Over the pond here, I didn't watch the ceremony but I thought it was all done very well. I loved her dress and William was handsome in his uniform (who can resist a man in uniform?). The bouquet was the right size and I love lily of the valley. Although I'm no expert I thought it was well done.
    Love your arrangement! Does mock orange smell as wonderful as real orange blossoms? I miss my home state sometimes, especially in the spring.

  6. After chatting with you, I spent a good deal of time looking for pictures, etc. and revise my commentary: dress was perfect (would love to see in person), flowers perfect, bride stunning. Wow-ee!

  7. I loved all of it. The trees in the abbey looked lovely, the bouquet was perfect, the dress was beautiful. And it didn't rain.

    Your flowers look lovely Jane

  8. I loved the wedding. It brought tears to my eyes. The bride looked happy and even the Queen seemed happy for her. She dressed in yellow and I thought that was a good sign. By the way she looked great in yellow. I haven't seen the Queen look that good in a long time.

  9. I've been living under my Brooklyn rock - didn't watch or follow :-)

    Love mock orange - reminds me of being little.

  10. I thought it was wonderful, her dress and bouquet were perfect... did you see the trees in the abbey? loved it and love your beautiful posy today Jane :) x

  11. Your bowl of flowers is brilliant! I loved the wedding, loved the sprig of lily of the valley on the boutoniers, but thought the bouquet was a little too small. I didn't want to see a big 'catastrophe' but, although beautiful and simple, felt it was a little out of proportion! Robx
    p.s. I also think Pippa, the bridesmaid, nearly stole the show!

  12. I just posted my highs and lows, but I have to say we do do the whole pageant thing rather splendidly, sorry to boast!! Thought Kate looked a dream but hope she is now eating serious amounts of cake - the Middleton waistlines are beyond belief! Have an emotional hangover today.

  13. Love your posy. I loved the wedding and the dress and the flowers. I would have liked to see some closeups of the bouquet, I think she had stephanotis in it as well as lily of the valley and my sister tells me that all Royal brides have a sprig of myrtle for luck.The trees in the Abbey where a pure stroke of genius I thought. Have a lovely weekend, love Linda x

  14. Razmataz, I didn't notice the boutonnieres. Love they were Lily of the valley. I think we'll get to see pictures of the flowers up close and personal v. soon!

    Mise, Slightly treacherous, but it would have been trend setting for sure!

    Sue, I loved the children and the crazy hats and the sheer history of it all.

    Rachel, I'm pretty sure if you lived nearby, I'd just be bringing flowers round and hoping to get a bite of your baked goods.

    Floridagirl,No not as overwhelmingly sweet as orange blossom itself but pretty sweet none the less. And so pretty...

    Gwen excellent turn about. I saw people on FB chatting about carns in bouquet. What carns?

    Gill, hurray for no rain. A good million people would have gotten very wet. But i don't think their spirits would have been dampened...

    Sizzle and Zoom, The Queen looked fabulous and quite happy. Lucky for Kate I'd say.

    Marie, not even a tiny peek on the computer? Amazing. I didn't grow up with mock orange but it seems such a sweet old fashioned kind of flower, like gillyflower. What the hell is gilly flower?

    Deb, I loved the trees, made it quite magical. Now all our brides will want the same.

    Robynne's Nest, I know, Pippa is all anyone is talking about over here. Well her and her nonexistent waist.

    Belinda, I still haven;t seen enough, but yesterday was a chaotic workday and every time I edged over to the computer I was beset by designers and flower cleaners demanding more pictures. I was quite exhausted when I got home.

    flowersonmytable. I heard, sweet william, myrtle and hyacinth. And of course masses of my favorite, lily of the valley.

    The trees were inspired. I wish we could do it all over again!

  15. Not a peek :-) Actually, I forgot about it, it wasn't deliberate. Maybe owning a TV would have helped me remember? But I guess I'm royaled out.

    The hood is full of lilac. That is my non sequitur for the day.

  16. I loved the way the train was "seamed" to keep the folds - how's that for spending too much time on one detail? - and her tiara. Thought the bouquet was lovely, but would have preferred a bit of color in it. You all have sold me on that!

    Didn't get to see it live, but taped it. Now that I've seen hours of news, don't need to watch the DVR! Hope your weekend goes well. xoxo

  17. I love your arrangement,Jane. busy? Lord yes. Easter, Admin Professionals Day, Mother's Day and then Nurse's week. marching, marching.

    Loved the gown, think the bouquet was a good size for the gown, but thought it could have worked well with JUST lily of the Valley. The trees were perfect, the alter pieces lovely and subtle. Just so elegant and understated. Appropriate, I think.

    Thanks for the post. It's gonna be hard to blog these next few weeks!

  18. please don't hate me but i have not watched one second of any of it. i just don't watch tv. i know, i know. lame.

    i love your flowers though. i could watch them all day long. do you need any old english full blown roses that last about 7 days cut? b/c i have them. yes, lets marry next lifetime.


  19. Isn't spring grand? As for The Wedding, all I saw was "the kiss(es)". Sweet. They appear to be a really nice couple, and really seem to be in love. Good on them! Hope you got to spend a little time in the garden over the weekend, Jane! Karin

  20. Have to agree...I thought the bouquet was perfectly matched to Kate's persona. I actual perdicted lily of the valley in a small posy if she was true to herself...I was thrilled to see that she was...truly enchanting and charming!!