Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Rice Blessing

Forget about Valentine's Day, I couldn't stay away from my email at work hoping against hope that someone, anyone would send us pictures from the wedding.

And finally, around 4:00 pm, my diligence was rewarded.  While 2 women worked their way through 30 boxes of flowers and phones rang and customers lined up to order roses, I was busy downloading several pictures that made me smile, made me laugh and of course made me cry.

Though I would love to show you all of them I finally selected my favorites.  The first is the rice blessing.  The second is Tini and Nirmal exchanging their wedding vows.

Don't they make you smile?  And that color, Oh my God, I am totally in the mood to create the most psychedelic flower arrangements ever to hit DC.

So take a blue eyed blonde, German-American with a passion for barely there champagne colored walls and severely edited furnishings and send her off to India to get hitched.

I bet she'll be redoing their apartment with a week of coming home.  I see peacock blue in their future.  And much happiness.


  1. Oh how gorgeous - thank you so much for sharing these... their happiness seems to radiate from the photographs. Just beautiful... X

  2. Wow - the photos are amazing. I can see why you laughed, smiled and cried. Sinead x

  3. hi jane

    oh my. the smiles!!!!!!!!!!

    they seem so very happy and relaxed. people should sit more when they get married.


  4. Those are just WONDERFUL pictures. Gave me chills!

  5. Oh, Indian weddings are so beautiful. I have been to one here in the states, but judging from the pictures, they are even more beautiful IN India. Or maybe it is just this particular couple? Thanks for sharing the pics!

  6. Very much appreciating the colour in an otherwise grey and rainy day.

    The Hound hasn't risen all day

  7. great photographs, my friend

    and you make me laugh...i can just see little Teddy up on his hind legs mowing his lawn....

    man, i just am so IN LOVE with this little guy....thanks for the birthday wishes

    kary and teddy

  8. It looks pretty amazing, touching on all senses. Beautiful.