Thursday, January 6, 2011

Three French Hens

On the 11th day of Christmas my true love gave to me a wall hung with old photos of mine and older drawings from Germany of hers, three mirrors, two brass knobs and a butterfly.

On the 12 day of Christmas my true love gave to me a clean espresso maker, run through not once but twice with a vinegar/water solution and a clean oven.  All traces of that damn ham are erased away and I won't have to wait 30 minutes for a cup of espresso to drip through tomorrow morning.  Look out world I'm coming at you early.

On the 12 day of Christmas one of my favorite friends read the last blog entry and thought," Huh, answering phones at work because she's not busy?". So she gave me a ring and we had a much needed  hour long catch up call.

Now if a little elf or two would sneak in while we're sleeping and take the tree down, all would be perfect in my world.


  1. Aw..what a lucky girl you are and bet you deserve all this nice stuff too..Sinead x

  2. Jane,
    Your wall looks very pretty! Your True Love is incredibly sweet. Does work really slow a great deal after the holidays?

  3. I love your wall and the thought that went into it...lucky girl! That's better than any dept. store gift anyday!

    I just took my tree down was getting to be a huge fire hazard! I miss the white lights but not the sweeping. :)

  4. Care to hire her out?

    No Christmas tree to take down as no Christmas tree was put up. Problem solved!

  5. hi jane,

    love seeing little glimpses of your home. how sweet that wall is. i sure do love a gallery wall esp when everything on it has special meaning. sorry about the xmas decor. i guess that is one advantage of decorating lite at the holidays.


  6. Sinead, :) We all deserve nice stuff i'm thinking...

    Julia, She's the sweetest! We slow down for a few weeks, though a lot of people seem to be having parties this weekend. We ( the designers) are rather glad for the break though.

    Sarah, Much better that a sweater from Macy's, yes? Our tree is still fragrant and not dropping many needles, so we're keeping it up till??? Sunday?

    Karen, I only have her till school starts again on the 24th, plus she's studying for the MCATS, still gets a lot done though. having a wife rocks!

    Janet, We love gallery walls also, I'm surprised we don't live in a gallery house! Love the tree too much this year to part with it in a timely fashion. Still...

  7. What a great wall. Wish I had the eye to do that. I can't even manage two things on the same wall! Wish I could help with the tree, but the commute is too long. But there's no rush!

  8. jane - I love gallery walls too! And this one is superb! Sounds like you had a wonderful day! karin

  9. Ohhhh but you are spoilt!
    Though I rather imagine that you spoil your true love right back!
    GG the wall looks beautiful aren't you a clever girl.
    Have a restful January xoxo J

  10. lovin that wall and the gift of its decor. very sweet. and well done too! enjoy that expresso.

  11. Hi Jane, I am slowing emerging from my holiday stuper and catching up on your blog. I now am craving meatballs and espresso. Loving the wall. xo

  12. Webb, Hours spend arranging these on floor before much measuring and hanging on wall. No time for tree!

    Karin Welcome home and thank you.

    Julienne, I am aren't I? But the favor is always returned:)

    countingdandelions, The best gifts are of time and creativity. Espresso lived up to it's name this morning!


    Denise, Hey sister, welcome back. Make the meatballs while you have time. OMG so good.

  13. Those are some fantastic gifts! My husband promised he would clean the oven for me this weekend... twelve hours left of the weekend... I'm still waiting :-)

  14. No new year's resolutions for me either, but I am full of good intentions to finally get round to creating a beautiful wall of pictures and photographs like yours. Happy New Year Jane.