Sunday, January 2, 2011

The House Of Mirth

Thank you all for the lovely New Years wishes.  We had a dinner and a little house party so removed the computer out of temptations way and I only got to read them late last night ( except for a little peek now and then).  And they made my heart happy.  I'm waiting for Nirmal to download the many pics he took so for now I give you words. Oh,and a few pre party pictures of GG and Pokey dancing up a storm and then the Pokester staring in horror at the people descending on us.

If we are to carry on as we begin, I will be several pounds heavier by this time next year.  New Year's Eve was delicious.  I did take liberties with Marie's meatball recipe, adding 3/4 of a pound of ground pork, upped the seasonings accordingly but leaving the other ingredients as is.  I also roasted them in the oven for 30 minutes being careful to add the juices to the sauce.  Then I swapped beef broth for chicken stock, beef being what was at hand.  They were light and tender  and very savory. Need I say more?  I finally  roasted the ham hoping to retain some meatballs for leftovers: success.  Tini and Nirmal arrived with bags of food: cheeses, olives, a salad of spinach and beets and mozzarella and garbanzo beans, a French apple tart for dessert and bottles of champagne and wine.  Kate and Jeff brought wine and games to play. The party continued on till the next afternoon with 6 hours only allotted for sleeping.

Now it's Sunday morning and I'm back on the blog, feeling a little full but very lucky.  Lucky in love, lucky in friendship and lucky to have met you all this past year.  Looking forward to more  shared inspiration, laughter  and undoubtedly a few more tears in 2011.  And skyping, Miss. P., definitely some skyping!  What ever that is.....

xo Jane


  1. And we are lucky to have found you. It's going to be a good year. Cheers.

  2. Wow, I haven't stayed up all night in years..sounds like you all had a wonderful time..I love food sooo much and everything sounds like it was divine. Happy, Happy New Year!

  3. Yay! Party flower girl. Happy new year to you..Sinead x

  4. Oh how much I would have missed if we had not met! Skyping is the best thing in the world...believe me!! xo ~ j

  5. Denise,:)

    Webb, Maybe this will be the year we meet!

    Sherri B., No, we did sleep at 2:00, the visiting Lab woke us up at 8:00....sleepy start to a new year.

    Sinead, And on the first day I napped. And read. And recovered.

    Julienne, Me too. I think we can set Skype up on GG's computer, then watch out world!

  6. Jane,
    What a great picture!
    (and post title)
    I can't wait to read your posts...

  7. no wonder i wasn't asked for a quick edit... there would have for sure been a photo-veto moment.

  8. Hi Jane! I've been out of town for a week and am just now getting back to the real (and blog)world so I missed out on all the well wishes yesterday. But better late than never, right? So - happy 2011 and it warms my heart how happy you sound! I'm wishing you all good things for 2011! Karin

  9. Another great table shot!! Sounds like a great and memorable celebration with good friends! Happy New Year.

  10. I feel very lucky to have found YOUR blog Jane... Sounds like a wonderful NYE. Looking forward to pics.. Love the one of GG limbering up for the dancing proper later on!! :-) xx

  11. Julia, Thanks. I read the book on Sunday and had to steal the title.

    GG, Sorry couldn't help myself. Who doesn't like the pre party moments? Hey soul sister...

    Karin, I've missed you, hope your holidays were wonderful. 3rd day of the new year and the sun is shining!

    counting dandelions, :)

    Sarah, It was fun and cosy and delicious all at once!

  12. Just had a quick catch up reading your holiday posts - sounds like you have had a lovely week full of good food, friends and some serious dance moves!!

    We have just returned from Norway to a broken boiler and freezing house, so we are doing what any sensible family would do - wrapping ourselves in duvets, making a huge fire, drinking tea and watching The Italian job on TV! Looks warm in Italy in 1969!!

    Best wishes to you and GG for a wonderful 2011. xxx

  13. Your NYE sounded like a scrumptious evening and just how it should be. I too feel very thankful for getting to know you better. Wishing us all great times and happy moments ahead. I have great hope!

    Cheers to you Jane x Deb

  14. Sounds like you had a fun and delicious evening! Happy 2011 to you Jane! xo