Thursday, November 11, 2010

We Cannot Sleep

I am a soldier's daughter. November 11th was a big day when I was growing up. There was always a parade and my father marched in his uniform. Everyone wore a poppy on their lapel. There were stories told and drinks drunk, toasts made and a few tears shed.

I thought the importance of Veteran's Day had kind of faded away. It seemed just another day of BIG sales, one more government holiday and a day for florists to create red/white/blue wreaths on stands.

But today I went to my blog list and what did I find? Post after post, from Australia, from France, from England , all commemorating Remembrance Day or Armistice Day. Pictures of poppies, of statues in town squares, stories of new heroes and memories of past warriors.

Thank you ladies. For remembering, for reflecting and for making us all a part of one world, no matter what side of the pond ( or world) we live in.

I salute you.


  1. i know, isn't it awesome that we are now part of a much bigger world! i love it.


  2. 11 a.m. on the 11th of the 11th month is a minute i never forget.
    But i have never thought of the other nationalities that also remember...i am a little ashamed that i have been so parochial! xx

  3. It is wonderful that the 11th of the 11th is so remembered world wide - just as it should be... and I love the photograph in your post. X and thank you for the mention xx

  4. And on Remembrance Sunday (the one before or after Armistice Day), here in the UK, there's the sombre but wonderfully moving ceremony of remembrance at the Cenotaph, in London. Worth trying to catch on the BBC.

  5. i love this corner of the blogworld, so full of appreciation, solidarity and kindness. Words from the heart and a beautiful photo, thank you.

  6. Janet, it is incredible to be so accessible to the rest of the world and to form relationships.
    Huge gift.

    Julienne, me too. I had no idea until I went to my dashboard and saw all these posts of poppies. I thought it was just the States that remembered!

    Semi Expat, Did you know other countries remembered? Thanks for the wake up!

    Rachel, I will try and find it to watch ( probably on now or while I'm at work). xo

    Belinda, I love your way with words and your big heart. Thank you for sharing that moving story.

  7. i think it is interesting how other countries have held on to 'the promise' of veteran's day.
    i was listening to pbs in my car and they were discussing how our government will find any and every way it can NOT to pay for combat related problems.
    counties like you mentioned (australia)
    take care of their people that have been
    wounded or damaged.
    these countries can HOLD THEIR HEADS HIGH
    when veteren's day come's along.

    and like you in your post said-
    today veteren's day is more tied to capitalism.

    sad. very sad.


  8. The connections we make were the number one reason I decided to blog. I, too was pleasantly surprised to see the outpouring of remembrance and gratitude yesterday.

  9. Sinead. Thank you and thank all those other bloggers keeping it fresh.

    renee, exactly. and i feel so provincial not realizing how many countries honored this day. Blogging can be very humbling.

    life, in small chunks. And others wonder why we blog. i wonder why they don't.

  10. so lovely... and i love our veterans... xoxo

  11. ...others wonder why we blog. i wonder why they don't....

    that just said it all for it.

    happy to see you today, my friend

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  12. I have a complicated relationship with Veteran's Day. Nothing you say is wrong, yet I feel underneath it all, that if no one ever picked up gun there could be no war.

    :-( xxx

  13. love that a child, we had poppy day, a day of remembrance.

    stopping in to wish you a happy world kindness day. one love.