Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Day In The Life

What no florist ever wants to hear at 4:30 on a veryveryvery busy Saturday is that a hotel is calling wondering when the 45 centerpieces will be delivered. On Monday I reply, and though I try to stick to my guns I cannot sway them. Our client said the party was the 18th, she was wrong, it was today at 6:30. My boss and mentor said, what will we do, I said let's make 'em, no biggie. The flowers were conditioned, the containers already prepped by our flower cleaner. All we 3 designers had to do was veryveryvery quickly make the centerpieces and get them delivered by 6:00.

(We call the basement the hell hole)

Done. At what cost to our complexions I can't imagine. Then we got to trot upstairs to our other design area and do all our Monday morning office flowers, and a few more random corsages and boutonnieres for a big homecoming dance.

We were very tired, we were very merry. At least until mother of a teenager attending the homecoming dance cried when told we weren't making any more corsages and offered us $50.00 to make one. We made it, sheesh. No crying in floristry, unless it's by us.

The front staff referred to the retail area as a war zone. The Lab was with us all day and getting kind of grumpy because she wanted a walk and we were acting all kinds of busy.

But we're home now and GG is making something delicious out of leftovers and I'm hot out of the bath and sitting down and writing this in an attempt to make sense of my day.

Impossible. But now my weekend has begun and I predict a beautiful sunny Sunday with a pedicure on the horizon.


  1. Another star in your crown, and I bet the calendar-challenged client won't appreciate what you did.

    Relax and enjoy your weekend. Good job, girl!

  2. Hmm, I was going to post about my trip up to the mountains tomorrow and the nonexistent fall color (curse you, NC Dept. of Tourism and your misleading email), but now I think I'll put up my pictures of the second round of blooms on the roses.

    Ooooh, what an inspiration you are, Jane.

  3. If you need a job done well always ask a busy person and I have discovered that you are indeed a busy person so I bet every one of those centerpieces and corsages looked magnificent.
    BTW This computer does not like my English spelling!!!!
    Sleep tight knowing you have made a great many people very happy today!!!!

  4. And that's how superb reputations are made (and earned!).... well done you.

  5. You are the best flowerjane! No wonder they all come to you and I hope you get that pedicure too! Lovely...x

  6. One of those work days that wont be forgotten in a long time...until then next time! So glad you made the last corsage - tears about flowers are never nice! Hope the bath was enjoyable, the dog got walked and your Sunday is fab..Sinead x

  7. Webb, The client was alerted by the hotel and called to apologize, at least she'll understand why not every flower was in full blown perfection.

    Karen, yes garden roses please, thorns and all.

    Julienne, a little plateful of your eggplant parmesan would have helped in the recovery process. Any left over?

    Rachel, And migraines started! Thank you.

    Semi Expat, Now I'm thinking a massage wouldn't go amiss either.....

    Urban Stems, In all honesty, GG made the last 3 corsages, my hand work is terrible and Alicia, our corsage maker had such cramped fingers she couldn't twist another wire. And No it will go in the annuals of super insane workdays.

  8. I had that happen to me once! It was a week after Christmas, Christmas party. Boss was away and didn't write the order down. We had NO flowers left in xmas colors, so I whacked the leftover poinsettias and jammed them into greens.

    Whew! I feel your pain!

  9. hello - new follower here, and what a hectic day that sounds! But at least you all rose to the challenge (flower pun not intended but suitable!) - hope you are having a good weekend. :)

  10. Hi Jane,

    Sounds like you had a very stressful, but rewarding day.....and that on a sunday when you have to relax. You are sweet!!

    Happy new week!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  11. Greetings Jane,

    Hope you've been well.

    sounds like a hectic day but you always seem to pull it off ;)

  12. Sprout, I bet you do. The pain is going up the left side of my neck into my skull. You can fool the clients but you can't fool your body:)

    Jayne, Welcome. I've just been to visit you and have been mighty entertained. Will have to return the following favor.

    Madelief, I think I need a day in Paris, don't you?

    Se'lah, You also. I've missed you. Thanks for visiting.

  13. I love your behind the scenes of the flower industry. It's one of those industries that you just wouldn't think was stressful (silly me, I know) but good lord, you ladies work your butts off!

  14. Florist fire-fighting, and I always thought it was such a sweetly-scented pottering life. Well done for getting through it all; you're clearly a kind forger-ahead, the best sort of person to have around.

  15. Wow! You are the consummate pro! All the pain and headaches you had to endure notwithstanding, you must feel some pride in making all those people so happy! It's so good to know there are people like you still out there, going above and beyond! karin

  16. p.s. I'd say you deserve a WEEK in Paris!

  17. Sara Louise, i know it seems like such a peaceful profession...but anytime you're tool is a knife, anything can happen.

    Mise, I do love a challenge, get it done, make em laugh, make it pretty. My body doesn't think it's as much fun the next day. work hangover, same symptoms minus the booze.

    Karin, all 3 of us, the designers, love to tough it out and make it beautiful. Together we're better. We all deserve a week in Paris,but I'm the oldest so I'll go first!

  18. @ life in small chunks
    she happens to think that she always deserves a 'week in Paris" ...

    but i must say... she did deserve it this past weekend ;-)

  19. Sheesh! Such demanding people. I hope you are now calm, content, and beautifully pedicured.

  20. I loved reading your post and imagining you makking all those bouquets.I think wirking with flowers is good for the soul

  21. Hot damn, I am fully exhausted just reading this! But this is why you are my flower hero xo

  22. stopping by to see what's are busy, my friend

    sending love to you today


  23. jules is right.
    if you want something done...
    ask a busy person.

    how are you hands holding up with all the arrangements ??

    btw come read what happened with the nut jobs.

  24. What a crazy day. My favorite line from the post, "No crying in floristry, unless it's by us." Love it!