Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Not Just For The 4th Of July Anymore

Trying to beat the heat here. Deep in a week of 90 degree days where the temperature rises a couple extra degrees every day. Today 95, tomorrow 97, wasn't I just talking blizzard conditions 4 months ago?

We dress minimally, water ourselves and the garden deeply and eat lightly. Mondays dinner from Chez Danisse was perfect. I used 13 ounces of rice noodles,extra cucumbers and carrots, and doubled up on the dressing and caramelized onions. This left extra for lunch the next day.

Tonight we got a little wild and grilled a pork tenderloin and I made a salsa with our first garden cucumber, red onion, avocado,fresh herbs, a jalapeno and grilled ears of corn. I dressed it with red wine vinegar, olive oil,salt and pepper. Toasted bread with garlic and olive oil. That's it, that was enough. Then German girl snuck back to the grill.

My apologies to any European readers here. I found her making S'mores. That's right S'mores. I myself had a teacup full of raspberry sorbet while the others tucked into mouthfuls of graham cracker, marshmallow and Ghiradelli chocolate cooked over the last dying coals.

Ok, so I ate a half. Either way, we're still hot, we're really full but we're very happy barbarians.


  1. You go, German Girl! There is absolutely nothing so good as a S'more - and made with Ghiradelli? To die for.

    Sorry for the rotten weather, but I got you by three degrees! What a year we are having. I hate to be one of those folks who carp about the weather, but dang it's rotten!

    Eat hearty! Enjoy.

  2. Mmm S'mores. Love 'em! I always find it difficult to get my chocolate all melty and luscious like yours. Now I know the trick. Make them when it is 95 degrees outside : )

  3. I don't know what a S'mores is, but i want one.

    It is so very very hot here.

    We are coping by drinking hot tea.

    Because that's what you do in England.

    The iced variety never took off.

  4. Webb, continuing to carry on about the weather..cooler today?

    Denise, More delicious hot weather recipes, please.

    Miss Pickering, We'll be toasting some for you when you visit. You do want one.

  5. Hi Jane,

    Your descriptions of the dishes you made sound good! In Holland temperatures are rising too. Wish I had a swimming pool in my garden in stead of roses ;-)! Sounds like you are coping with the high temperatures.

    Enjoy your weekends!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  6. i am officially adding graham crackers + chocolate + marshmallows to my grocery list. thanks!

    xo Alison

  7. so good to see you today....

    i don't know what happened to my blogging interest...just seem to have lost it...hope it comes back soon....

    i miss you too...coming here was a delight...loved seeing your bbq and all your great things from your garden..

    teddy, whiskey sour, dane rose marie and pixie are all doing do we ever LOVE and ADORE little Teddy...what a LAMB OF LOVE !!!!! he is the center of our lives....
    don't know what we would do without Teddy here...he fills our home and lives with pure happiness.....

    wishing you a fun...summery weekend...
    kary teddy and all the gang...

  8. Love me some s'mores! If I get our new house ready, I'm going to have a little bbq for the 4th, might need to put some s'mores on the menu!

  9. Ha! Here's to happy barbarians!


  10. a s'more a day... i am all for it... ok, maybe once a week... xx

  11. ooo you've totally got me craving smores now...