Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Heart My Hood

I just have to sing the praises of my crazy little neighborhood. We're not Georgetown or Park Slope or Beacon Hill. We're three streets of little houses and duplexes built in 1940. Some are owners, some renters, some section 8 housing. There are retired and active military, gay boys and lesbians, Bolivians, African Americans, Ethiopians, you name it, we're here.

This morning one neighbor popped over to ask me if I wanted a ride to work. Did I? Tonight we're dogsitting for German girl's sister, who lives across the street from us and is out of town. When I arrived home from work, neighbors brought over treats for the dogs and a big armful of this lilac from their garden. Can't you just smell them? I hope you have a vaseful of your own soon. This is heaven: this hood, these flowers and this hot spring night.


  1. oh lilacs! one of my very very favorites!

  2. It sounds like you live in a proper neighborhood with actual neighbors. What a great night :-)

  3. I want a vase full of lilacs. But would have to keep it on my porch. Gonna work on that.

  4. Katie, I know, you always buy them. This is now the season, go wild!

    Sara Louise, I do, but you live in a proper village!

    Gwen, As I'm sneezing away I'm thinking of you!

  5. The lilac is out already? The Hound and I walk past some wild lilac everyday, we are planning a midnight jaunt with some secatuers the minute it blooms.

  6. lilacs...beautiful....

    thanks for stopping by Farmhouse...

    preparations are under way for the lamb of love...

    the baby gate is put together...but Dande is still in the box :- )


  7. DIVINE! Lilacs are perfection - what a lovely treat! I wish I lived in your neighbourhood. Very pleased I found your blog - will pop by often to see what floral goodies you have posted .

  8. So glad you shared a little slice of your heaven with us, dear. I love it all.