Monday, April 26, 2010

How Was Your Sunday?

You know what it's like when a Sunday starts out quiet and rainy. And the only things on the schedule are meeting friends for brunch and picking up some groceries. Oh, and a dog walk.

Then the sun comes out and brunch becomes lunch at your house but you still don't have any food?
A quick trip to The German Gourmet to grab sausages and bread and some truffled pate ( 2 guests are European , after all) and the bakery to buy pastries (that European thing again). Then the grill is smoking and a 3 year old is running through the house speaking English, Swedish and apparently Mandarin Chinese, Both dogs are in attendance, one with a "dog hat" according to the 3 year old. Swilling of much wine and water, pate is pronounced excellent, 6 grain german bread delicious, and I don't quite remember what I did with the pound of cooked undressed pasta delivered to my door by Tini, but it was eaten also.

Then they were off to Brooklyn.

And we went grocery shopping. And it started to rain again. ... If it weren't for the dirty dishes and faint sprinkling of freckles on our faces, I would think I had dreamt it all.


  1. Sounds like a perfect day - wish I had been there too - wonderful! x

  2. I love the way you write - have I mentioned that?


  3. That plate of food just looks like summer! :-)

  4. Why does the dog have a cone?
    Will you be cooking next weekend? I could be there by Sunday brunch

  5. Semi Expat, Wish you were here too! Who knows what the future holds now that planes are flying again?

    Vintage Simple, Thank you. What a nice compliment. xoxo

    Denise, Sublime bouquets, you wonderwoman you!

    Sara Louise, I know, and the unexpected humidity made it feel like July.

    Miss P., We're always cooking if you're coming! Bringing the hound?

  6. Hi Jane,

    Sounds like you had a very busy but great day! Your lunch looks yummy. So does the blueberry muffin. Hope your dog won't be wearing his 'dog hat' for long. It looks so uncomfortable.

    Enjoy your day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  7. It sounds like delightful pandemonium! I know it shouldn't because they are wearing them for medical reasons, but dogs in cones crack me up.

  8. Madelief, Poor puppy, for his own good tho' he has a hot spot he keeps scratching open. Hope your weather is nice and you're in the garden.

    Nicole, I love a dog in a cone, especially this one, he always looks at you so quizzicaly anyway. Plus it's all torn up and duct tapen together. I call him Queen Elizabeth.

  9. Jane, WHAT is that sausage? I have never seen coiled sausage like that outside of South Africa?

  10. Marie, it's called schnecke, it's brautwurst for grilling. if you can't find it there, we would be happy to cook it for you and Vince if you decide to visit D.C.

  11. Dogs in those collars are their cute (and so sad)! :)