Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

So there we were, as we like to say in the design room "locked and loaded".
Centerpieces: check
Baskets of blooming plants: check
Buffet arrangements: check
Various vase arrangements: check.

Oh, wait, no driver. He called in exhausted??!! After sharing my inner Tourettes (again) with my coworkers, we made a few phone calls and by noon had replacements in play. By 6:30 we were out the door tired but satisfied.

My Saturday flowers are again decorating the sink. This time they didn't make into a pitcher, but are sitting in an empty yogurt container.

Wishing everyone sweet dreams and a very Happy Easter. And a big hug to my buddy Gwen who not only makes beautiful arrangements but also makes me laugh at the absurdity of it all.


  1. Wowee! Great photo - forgot all that happened. Thanks for the shout; I feel like a movie star!!! Beautiful Easter day, B's making Devonshire Lamb Hash...then I'll get the ham on, devil the eggs, trim & steam the artichokes, etc. Have a lovely, G.

  2. Lovely colours, I do love orange ranunculas, LOVE THEM!

    About Gwen and that Devonshire Lamb Hash, YUM what is it and when can I come round?

    Happy Easter

    Sarah x

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  4. Gwen Now you're internationally known! Since you won't start your own blog, maybe you can post a brief description of the lamb hash here.

    Sarah Jane, Come for Sunday lunch next week. I'll have Gwen in the kitchen.

  5. I'm lazy on starting the blog. It's a-comin'. Will see if I can find & condense the hash recipe for you in the meantime! It begins: roast one leg of lamb. I think.

  6. Gorgeous bouquet...hope you enjoyed your Easter holiday.

    Have a grand week. one love.

  7. Happy belated Easter! And cheers to the absurdity of it all, for sure..! Glad replacements were found and that everything worked out fine - the flower arrangements looked just beautiful.