Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Six Degrees of Separation

We all know how it works in blogland. One blog leads to another then another and then you find the one. The one that you immediately identify with through the pictures and the prose.

Then you peruse their comments or their blog favorites and you find another. And from there, another.

So maybe once a week I'll show my new favorites. Ones that caused me to catch my breath. Ones that made me read deeper and deeper into old and then older posts.

Today it's A Rockridge Life. Its clean pages, full of BIG beautiful pictures of goats and flowers and flower arrangements and delicious food knocked my socks off. Why was I not slavishly following this blog?

After reading a comment posted by Helen, I followed her to lilacandlily a lovely British floral blog full of fanciful and charming creations.
I don't know where lilacandlily will lead me. But I can't wait. When the journey begins with forget me nots, goats and floral cupcakes you know it's going to be one delicious trip..

Photo courtesy of LilacAndLily


  1. What a great thing! thanks for sharing these inspiring blogs

  2. Thanks for featuring my cupcakes. So happy you like my blog.

  3. I love those trips until I realise that 5 hours have passed and the bed's not made, the washing still in the machine, the dishes still in the sink and I have guests arriving for lunch in 20 minutes!!!!!! Love the new journey you have sent me on.

  4. Hi my friend, has been a week..the WORST week of my life....

    still in shock and sadness...

    we have picked out a new puppy, but he won't be ready to come home till about the 20th of April...LIVING for that day.

    A red toy poodle we are naming Buddy

    Thank you so much for checking in and thinking of me and leaving such kind words....

    it means the world to me.
    sending love to you,

  5. Floral cups are a pretty sweet way to start.
    And I got here from your comment on Bonjour Romance :-)