Thursday, February 18, 2010

Waiting For Snowdrops

We're all jonesing for spring here. Today we had sun but with strong ,cold winds. The snow is beginning to melt, but I'm still waiting for my snowdrops to reappear. Thank God for the flower shop. Tulips, daffodils, peonies, french lilac, stems of cherry and forsythia in bloom, the scent of mimosa and sweet peas all help to transport us to a better place. A place where we can work in our gardens, cook outside, enjoy a long walk with the dog, wear suntan lotion and sunglasses instead of boots and scarves. I feel like I am telling a favorite bedtime story. But these days will reappear and until they do I'll show up at work a little early and breathe a little deeper.


  1. i loved reading this...hang in's coming soon...

    if it's any consolation..we're back to cold and rain.....

    o well.....

    more later, my friend
    kary and buddy

  2. Stop that! I can hardly bare all of this cold! The less we talk about it, the more we can live in denial! :)

  3. Kary, No way do I want your weather to be anything but beautiful all the time. Your pictures are the light of my day.

    Nicole, Geez, ok, I'll try to leave the weather outta it, but it's difficult...

    Hummingbird, Thank you. Hope your classes are going well and you're full of creativity!