Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Valentine Reminder

The sun is up, the skies are blue, the heat is on, and everyone is sleeping quietly but me.

I'm sipping my constant iced skim latte and reading blogs. With Valentine's Day just a week away the theme is romance. Apparently Valentine's Day is everyone's favorite holiday. They are not florists. We are so busy working so many hours, doing so many arrangements to express your love, the most we can hope for at the end is a hot bath and a good night's sleep.

But then I thought of the love and care we designers show one another. We share our food, bringing extra snacks to get through the tired moments, fruit, cheese, nuts and a bite of dark chocolate. We carry each other's arrangements up or down the stairs when the other is tired. One of my coworkers always asks " May I do that for you?" We make each other laugh till we cry. We compliment one another's work and offer up flowers that might make that arrangement just that little bit better.

Love comes in all shapes, sizes and guises. Apparently my world is full of it, even in the most unlikely places.


  1. THis is a busy time for you, but how lucky that you have such wonderful coworkers and make each other laugh. THank you for coming by - I'll definitely add some flowers in my next post!
    Take care and don't work too hard.

  2. thanks for visiting me.
    these arrangements are beautiful.


  3. oh...this arrangement is so first job i ever had was in a florist ..San Luis Floral and Gift here in San Luis Obispo......and I LOVED it....

    i'll be back soon, my friend..
    oh, and there was no leftover meat..between john and buddy ....there wasn't much left... i let buddy have mine... I got a little...guess i should have gotten a bigger roast :-{


  4. Beautiful post, Jane. Love the first arrangment best... I'm looking forward to being part of the Valentine's Day mix. Not sure what I'll bring to the table, but I know I will rally. Cheers!

  5. I think that this blog is totally cool I love it sorry bout the workload

  6. Merci Bonjour, A little inspiration is always needed!

    Se'Lah, Thank you. As Are all your words.

    My Farmhouse Kitchen, Best job ever. Buddy is a lucky dawg. When do I get to see a picture of him?

    Gwen, Thanks. It's one of our VD specials. We have a motley collection of milk glass containers. We're calling it Vintage Modern.

  7. Oliver, Welcome Bean. Hope to see lots of comments from you. Read some older posts for pics of Pokie and Nika.

  8. Wow, those COLORS are so, so SWEET !!!

    Have a happy day,


  9. Ooooh, I miss being there with you all. It was crazy but remember singing all the show tunes! I will never forget it:) XOXOXO

  10. saskia, welcome, my first visitor from the Netherlands! I'm off to visit you.

    Adria, We miss you too. Now that Lulu has taken her first steps (congrats Little Lulu), we don't expect to have you back around the table for a long while. Dammit. Bu the hills will still be alive with the sound of music!

  11. this is very true. i really wish i was working this valentines day! i miss it!