Wednesday, February 10, 2010


When you're in near whiteout conditions, what do you use to keep your house safe? Today's talismans are a yellow primrose, blueberry pancakes, an evil eye brought back from Turkey by our friend Kate and a Chinese God, arm upright bestowing blessings upon our home.

So far, so good. We have power, heat, food, friends (neighborhood potluck planned for tonight) and a sleeping dog. 50 mile an hour winds expected tonight. Bring 'em on, we're protected!

(I did knock on wood 3 times after I wrote that.)


  1. Good luck with all that. We had "thunder snow" in Richmond this morning - I heard it and thought, "what??" We only got two inches, tho, so I fear we have sent the remainder on to you. Stay snug!

  2. Thank you Webb. Can't believe you came back from Florida to this! Guess only another Virginian understands!

  3. you sweet one..i did receive your comment..thanks for trying so much to get it through...and glad you enjoyed the flowers...

    sending love


  4. i adore flowers... and pancakes. stay warm, my friend.