Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pre Flurry Fury

Let's all take a deep breath and relax. Northern Virginia is expecting a lot of snow this weekend. We have been advised to have 3 days worth of food in our homes. Check. I popped over to our local Safeway to get a box of golden raisins for my boss. She found a recipe in yesterday's newspaper she wanted to try, it involved cauliflower, curry and raisins. Guess everybody wanted to cook it too. When is a store ever sold out of cauliflower and golden raisins?

Upon entering the store I was checked by a shopping cart. Adjusting my basket I entered and exited almost as quickly. Carts were loaded for 30 days and 30 night worth of hibernation. People's eyes were wild and they were breathing heavily. It was a feral experience.

Here's my suggestions. Take what you need. Leave some for others. And maybe drop off a few
things for the Arlington Food Pantry. There's enough to go around.

More suggestions: let's all try and stay off the roads. Enjoy the snow and one another. Maybe bake a pie or start a blog!


  1. What a great post! Isn't it funny how one recipe can catch hold of so many people's imaginations? That recipe does sound good, though!

    Oh, and I know that look in people's eyes that you describe. Even up here in snowy New England, people go nuts at the grocery store every time there's a storm warning. You'd think it was 1875 and we all lived out on the prairie with Laura Ingalls. Better milk the cows, Pa! It's gonna be a big storm!

    xoxo Gigi

  2. GiGi, Exactly! But since we don't have a cow, let's but All the milk in the grocery store, and the bread and the eggs. Seems to be if you don't have any food in your house to begin with, you don't cook anyway and all that food is going to go to waste.

  3. I just checked my mounting cabin fever by vigorously buffing all the wood floors with a coat of orange glo floor refinisher. Holy cow it looks good. The pup is unhappily gated into the kitchen staring longingly out at the couch. according to the directions, he's there for the next 24 hours. Now time to prep a hearty winter dinner 'pour vous.' What an exciting and fun filled snow storm.