Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Bride With The Curls Part II

I was barred from computer use last night. German girl has exams this week and she needed it to study.

I wasn't too inspired anyway. The pictures I had taken at work yesterday were a big disappointment when I downloaded them. It was as if I had worn a blindfold when shooting.

But it's a new day. German girl is off to school and though I only have 30 minutes before the bus, I had to post a few pics from my Saturday wedding. The bride with the curly hair. Thought I'd let you see what I was on about. I found these on a lovely blog Simple Space belonging to Eric Kelley, the photographer who shot the wedding. He wasn't blindfolded.

I'm off. Hoping for a creative day today for all of us.


  1. I use to do flowers for weddings - gee, it's been about ten years now. I had my own company and boy, it was intense. Your bouquets are just beautiful!

  2. Love her hair! I am dying to have some curls in my hair. My hair is pin straight :(

  3. Oh dear, it must be awful being that pretty! The hair, THE HAIR!!!! Kill me now.