Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm Not A Modernist. Dammit.

I can't help it. I page through magazine after magazine. I read blog after blog. I love contemporary spaces, neutral colors, the perfect chair, painting, blackboard wall. Then, there I am, in a consignment shop on Sunday loving a little wingback chair. Only 25" wide, in a colorway I can't identify but I know will work with the couch. On Tuesday afternoon, after a tough 2 hours ordering the Valentine's Day flowers with my boss, I give in. Call the shop, it's closed, but the owner will meet us there. My boss and I rush over and collect chair. Triumphantly bring it home. All dreams of uncluttered living are put to rest.
It's here, it works, I am not a modernist. Fine.


  1. That is a lovely chair! What a great find. (I'm not a modernist either)

  2. Are you sure?
    Neutral walls? check
    Artful arrangement of succulents? check
    Neat pile of books under simple plant? check
    Interestingly shaped rug? check


  3. Courtney, Thank you. Nice to have it validated. And what a great blog you have. So glad to have found it.

    Nicole, Okay, then! You make my style sound good. If I ever need a reference written. I'm coming to you. Hope the grandmother is doing well.

  4. I am a modernist who loves wing chairs. Nothing is more comfortable. Your find is lovely. Thanks for visiting inleaf lately, made me happy!

  5. Hey, that's a good tho traditional chair. The upholstery is well matched, and perhaps someday when you're ready you can throw a mod fabric on it. I, too, want to be a modernist. But I like wood patterns and "busy" too much, it seems. Cheers!