Friday, January 15, 2010

Hearts and Pork Cutlets

I love our new paint colors. We are very tired, we are very merry. We painted every night till 12:00, slept till 7:00,went to work , then did it all again. My eyes are closing but my heart is rejoicing. I love change, visual, not change I can't control. We just pulled the painters cloth off the furniture and unfortunately that has not changed. The battered vintage leather chair is still that, The cat scratches are still imbedded in the couch arms. The rugs are old and tattered and it all looks wonderful.

We ate full dinners and drank copious amounts of tea. A favorite dinner here is Katsudon. I have a little scrap of paper torn from the New York Times years ago with a foolproof recipe. Even a bleary eyed painter can prepare it. I'm too tired to post a recipe, so I'll give you a taste with a picture. And a piece of my heart to German girl who slaved away day and night on this project.


  1. do post the recipe please. this is made with pork?

  2. I stopped by today to see the paint colors in daylight. Perfect. Just perfect.

  3. #1 anonymous, it is a pork cutlet, dish may also be made with chicken. i'll try to post recipe later.

    #2 anonymous, thank god i know who you are, otherwise i would think only people in 12 step meetings were reading the blog! thanks, they do look fab don't they!